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Finding a dress...plus size...pregnant

Soooo...yay! I'm engaged as of December 5th after a few month delay of the original ring we selected.  In those few months I also found out we are expecting our first child.

Any suggestions on finding a plus size/maternity dress since I will be 6-7 months pregnant for my wedding?  I am already a size 24 before the pregnancy and very nervous/upset that I won't be able to find something that is flaterring.  I have an appointment set up with Davids Bridal but can't really afford an expensive dress or alterations.

Anyone experience this?

Re: Finding a dress...plus size...pregnant

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    No experience, but I would try on either an a-line or empire wasit dress. I tried on an empire waist dress at DB. I thought it would be totally farty and matronly, but it was super flattering. Also get a corset back. Hope that helps. 

    ETA: Congratulations! 
  • That is a tough one. I would take into consideration how bad your morning sickness is. Most of my plus-size friends who had kids actually did not put on much weight and some actually lost weight. I would maybe look for  flowy empire waist dress either way, they are the most forgiving on an extended tummy
  • Thanks ladies!  My morning sickness was not bad at all.  I lost 2lbs with my first OB appointment and they do want me to maintain my weight or gain no more than 10-15lbs.
  • I'm a size 28 apple, so I carry a lot of weight in my stomach.  I went with an high-waisted A-line from Alfred Angelo.  A corset back would help reduce the need for alterations.  What's your budget.
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  • My little sister who is PS got pregnant and lost 30 lbs throughout the duration of her pregnancy. The doctor told her it was fine because she was still eating and what she chose to eat was healthy foods good for the baby.

    Don't worry too much about it and I agree with PP's that Empire Waist will be the most forgiving and flattering and allow for the fewest alterations needed.
  • I don't have much to offer that hasn't already been said (empire, corset-back), but congratulations both on your engagement and your pregnancy! Good luck to you.
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  • Does DB have a line of maternity gowns?
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  • The do but only 1 style that is plus size maternity... it isn't very elegant either.  Kind of a jersey material.

    RaptorSLH...budget is probably under $500 with alterations.
  • A couple of the cheaper DB plus size dresses are essentially larger versions of their maternity line, or at least have substantially similar features.  9T9850, 230M10000, 9BR1007, and 9INT1061 are soft draping chiffon, are available up to a 26, and would leave plenty of budget for alterations.  If you prefer a more structured A-line, something like 9T9861 gives you the flexibility to lace it according to your shape at the moment.

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  • Or, and I know this sounds strange, bridesmaid dresses often have empire waists, because they're supposed to flatter a variety of women at once.  The line between a low end wedding gown and a high end bridesmaid dress is often just a matter of color.

    For example, you'd have your pick of the Alfred Angelo BM line, which can be ordered in up to a size 28 or 30, and either white or ivory in addition to the more usual BM choices.  Something like 6495 is an A-line with a lace up back, fancy enough to do the job.  (They use skinny models, and the photoshopping on the waist is uneven, so it's hard to tell how how high or low it actually is, but you get the idea.)  7166 is simpler, but adds some bling.  And you'd still have half your budget left for alterations.
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  • Great thanks so much!
  • Congrats on the baby and the engagement.  What an exciting time for you!

    I gained 60 lbs with my first child when I was smaller but I was bigger when I got pregnant with my son and only gained 6lbs.  I think an empire gown would look very cute!
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  • How soon do you plan on getting your dress? I think DB (at least mine) is doing there $99 dress sale... its worth looking into!
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  • http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Chiffon-soft-A-line-with-Beaded-Lace-on-Empire-9V9743_Bridal-Gowns-Shop-By-Size-Plus-Sizes

    This dress is flattering on every figure and would be forgiving to a beautiful baby bump :)  I absolutely adored the dress, it's comfy and beautiful and not too costly.

    Congrats and good luck!

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