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Should we work together to get better deals?

Hey Brides! 
  So I had an idea. There are a lot of us planning weddings, and I was thinking that we might be able to work together to get better deals. For example... If I call a few transporation companies and say the best company with the lowest bid wins 5 weddings I assume we would all get a better deal. 
   Also I am thinking we could save some time driving around and have a few vendors pitch to a small group of us on the same day. Also it might be fun to meet up live someplace and share some ideas. 
  I am not a wedding planner or anything... just a bride... who wants to get a good deal... I live in San Francisco... and I am getting married in the east bay on March 23rd 2013. 

  thoughts? Ideas.... 

Re: Should we work together to get better deals?

  • hey, i love the idea! saving time and money in any way is welcomed!! i'm in san francisco as well, getting married July 13, 2013
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  • Are you still planning/organizing this? Great idea!! I'm in east bay area and planning to marry here as well. Wedding date not set yet as we just started looking at venues and are open to what's available/ affordable...hoping for May 2013. Let me know, I'm down.
  • I am still down to plan and organize this. I am getting married March of 2013.... so I have lots of time too. I was thinking it would be helpful to get a few brides together.  I already booked a few things, but I think the places where groups have the most leverage is like Limo transporation, cakes, flowers, day of cordinators, photographers. Basicly any company that is a small company, so we can get better deals. My email is My last name (Birnbaum) dot my first name (Sara) at  (or you can direct message me) 
     I will host brides at my house, we can go through some vendors together, and then see what type of deal they will give all of us. If you like the deal... take it... if not... no big deal. (Like a mini groupon) :) 

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