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We are at 200 days!  

In other news, FI agreed to register with me at Macy's yesterday.  We both swore we would never register again after the awful experience we had registering at BBB.  But, I wanted to check out some of the stuff I had put on my Amazon registry and we decided to set one up at Macy's because the woman there was drunk and awesome!  She was a tiny lady who spoke with her eyes closed, but gave great advice and said things like, "The silverware on that display over there is exactly the same quality as the silverware in this box here.  Over there you are paying for the name brand."  Yessss.  Loved her!  (And seriously - it was 2pm and I am 90% sure she was drunk).

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  • Get out of my brain (see my post below)

    That's great - glad to hear you had a good time at Macy's!
    So far, our experiences registering have both been positive (BBB and REI) cause they both just let us wonder around the store with the scanning gun on our own. I'm hoping Crate and Barrel will be fun as well!

    Drunk at 2 pm? Nice!
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  • Ha ha I love that she was drunk.  What better way to celebrate 2pm, it's 5 o'clock somewhere right ha ha.  

    Also thanks for the mild freakout on teh 200 days.  We semi ordered our invitations randomly over the weekend so that's a relief.  We are doing cake and finalizing a new florist this weekend, so after that we should be good for a while at least.
  • Goodness time flies!

    S'mores. Just S'mores please.
  • Oh my goodness!! We registered at Target today, it was so fun! I'm debating wether or not to order invites soon. You send those out at the three month mark?
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    [QUOTE]Oh my goodness!! We registered at Target today, it was so fun! I'm debating wether or not to order invites soon. You send those out at the three month mark?
    Posted by baxterdreamer[/QUOTE]

    <div>you'll likely get varying answers.  I plan to send mine at the 5 or 6 week mark.  My thought process is this:</div><div>I need to have final numbers in to the venue no later than 8 days prior to the wedding.  Guests need 2 - 3 weeks to turn around an RSVP.  1 week cushion between my RSVP due date and the date my venue needs numbers.  </div><div>
    </div><div>I think three months (12 week) is pushing it quite a bit and a lot can happen to a guests plans in that time frame.  </div>
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  • I like that timeline type thinking.  I understand completely about guests plans and schedules changing super quickly.  More stuff to mull over!!!
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    McSteph always has great advice.  I agree with her.  :)

  • In Response to Re:Oct 12 Brides:[QUOTE]McSteph always has great advice. nbsp;I agree with her. nbsp;: Posted by Rochelle041[/QUOTE]
    Thank youbut it's a product of lurking around and listening to all you others. Current brides and married hags alike!
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