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Another Invite WTF Moment

In lue of CrystalAdrian's last post ... It reminded me of what happened yesterday to me on FB.

I havent posted that i am getting married on fb, i havent changed my status to engaged either, bc i cant invite everyone and it can get awkward for me bc i work with sooooo many people (like 300) anyways....

i have a friend from Highschool (i graduated 11 yrs ago) ... we were only friends bc her and my best friend are close friends.... i dont even have her phone number! 

anyways... she got married last year. i wasnt invited to her wedding and i didnt care, i know how expensive it can be so i dont take ofense to it, plus we arent CLOSE!!!!!

i wrote a status update on fb that said "cant wait for my marchesa dress"  - no one knows what that means exactly but my best friend had told her im getting married... anyways she posed on my FB "i hope i get an invite to your wedding" 

NOOOOO!!!!! i have nothing against her, but im not inviting people just to invite, its expensive and she doesnt even live in FLORIDA!!! ughhhhh.... i didnt reply anything. 

am i over reacting????

oh and this is also the same girl who a few yrs back got sooo pissed at me and sent me a nasty email when i invited her to my bday party few years back and the invite said - adult only. she took ofense to it and said it was directed to her baby. wtf??? NOOOOOOO!!!!!

what do you guys think?
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Re: Another Invite WTF Moment

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    lol maybe she was just kidding, I mean seriously if she doesn't even live in the same state, do you think she'll come just for that. If she doesn't mean anything to you just calm down, shrug it off and don't even respond. Who cares
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  • Dee729Dee729
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    I would just brush it off....everyone comes out of the woodworks when one gets engaged...some may be joking...others not so much....I wouldn't worry...its your day....focus on the people that matter the most.
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    I got a weird comment like that too on Fb from someone I haven't seen in over 10 years, I brushed it off...eventually the months pass and they forget about, especially if they don't know the date which I also don't announce on my Fb. Crazies!
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    yeah thats weird.  if she didnt invite you what makes her think that you will invite her. man shes bold!  just leave it alone like you didn't see the comment. and dont worry about it cause if you do it will take over ... HTH
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    1. That's ... weird. She better be kidding.

    2. Like the other girls have said, brush it off!

    3. People are insane.
  • RachAisleRachAisle
    edited December 2011
    The nerve! I would probably block her from seeing my wall from now on.
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    You know, I saw that on your page and I thought .. "the nerve!" Which is how I feel about all these "guests" and their nerve!! 

    Where do these people get off in inviting themselves, or someone else in their place?!  Geesh!

    A friend of mine, whom I haven't seen but once in years commented on my one and only post regarding my wedding... "don't forget to invite your friends down South."  Wtf? I'm leaving family out and I'm gonna invite friends who I haven't seen in years. So I've been avoiding her. She catches up with me on IM last week. Asks me how the planning is going and if it's black tie and what time and date?  I started with my usual.. I'm stressed out, the financial situation.. blah blah blah.. family is mad at me for not inviting kids and leaving some cousins out... no friends.

    She replies.. "oh, no kids, so mine can't come?... oh.. no friends?"

    Seriously! I've added her and other friends back into the list because I've already gotten "NOs" from some family.. but if it weren't for that... "the nerve!"

    The nerve!   Just ignore her.
  • anaroo87anaroo87
    edited December 2011

    I saw that on FB too and was wondering whether you were close and were planning on inviting her or if she was another one of the crazies who invites themselves.. i don't get it, do people really not realize how expensive weddings are?? lol.... i cant WAIT until I have to start dealing with this haha

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    Several people have me the "i hope I'm invited" line.  Unfortunately for me in a couple cases it worked and I did send those people invites, but there were a couple people that I just had to ignore.  People have no manners when it comes to wedding etiquette.  I say ignore her and move on!
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    Ah i am so glad im not the only one!!! and the nerve to post it publicly on FB is what made me sooo mad. glad you guys saw it on my fb with your own eyes!!!!! proves im not making a big deal out of nothing lol
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