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Hi Ladies!
My wedding is in August in Plymouth, Ma and my fiance and I are having a wicked hard time finding a ceremony site.  We so want to do a beach wedding but the local beaches in Plymouth aren't really ideal locations.  Right now, we have Brewster Gardens but they don't allow it weird to make guests stand?

So I guess this is a two part questions :-)

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  • Brewster is an easy hour and 10 minutes out of plymouth...good luck but you will need to come here and scout out ... there are some nice beaches on route 3a and you will have to contact the town beach departments for the use permit... usually possible after 5pm. 
  • Why aren't the beaches in Plymouth good for your ceremony?  Did you think about Marshfield or anywhere else in the area?

    I really wouldn't ask guests to stand, unless your ceremony is going to be 20 minutes or less.
  • yes, i think it is wierd to make guests stand - i have been to a couple where the guests had to stand, but usually they have had some seating for elderly guests and the ceremonies were - like the pp suggested - less than 20 min.  it may work if you're not having anyone old or with health conditions making it difficult to stand (i may be more sensitive to this right now b/c i'm 38 weeks pregnant right now and would not be cool standing).
  • You could do the ceremony at Long pasture in barnstable....i was quoted about 950 for my 100 guests in august....a bit priicy for my 20 mins but theirs chairs, plenty of parking, and a private location...I personally am having my cerempny on a beach in Yarmouth. Town regulations of all towns on cape say that the ceremony has to be after 5pm on public beaches. Yarmouth allows chairs; personally we're going to have about 15 for the elderly, and everyone else will stand. Its short soo noone will have a problem.
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    Look at Bournedale Function Facility in Plymouth. We are getting married there in August, it's right on a lake, and it's beautiful!

    Not sure that they can do just ceremonies, but it's worth checking out!
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