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Just Engaged and Proposals

The surprise is spoiled... trying to make the best of it anyway!

So my SO blurted out yesterday that he is going to propose to me on February 23rd (which is our 3 year anniversary). I don't think he is trying to throw me off (he seemed very genuine and he is a terrible actor! lol)

Now, we have recently chosen the e-ring together and have discussed marriage a lot so I knew it was coming... however I am kind of disappointed that there will be no element of surprise at all. It's one thing to expect a proposal, it's another to know the exact date it's going to occur.

Never the less, I am trying to think positively about this and just roll with how things turned out. My only real disappointment is that now I feel like I am already engaged... but without a ring and I'm not allowed to go look at wedding dresses or anything yet, lol!

What are some pros to knowing exactly when you are going to be proposed to? 

Re: The surprise is spoiled... trying to make the best of it anyway!

  • Well, I guess a pro would be that you aren't second guessing every little event to see if he's going to propose then (such as a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas).

    It's good that you're just going with the flow on this one. Can I ask how he managed to spill the beans so specifically?

  • I think he was just excited to tell me. He just kind of blurted it out while we were eating dinner. I don't think he has even bought the ring yet since we just finished deciding what one we wanted like 2 weeks ago lol! I think he's just excited, which I guess is a good thing, haha.
  • I agree. Just go with the flow. I had an idea myself when I was going to be proposed to. I just didn't know the exact day. Well at least you know that you will be an engaged woman soon so congrats!! 
  • Yeah, that's a long way away. He probably will change his proposal plans by then. Don't worry to much. The moment is what is so special not the surprise. So don't worry, it will still be special.

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  • I have like a 6th sense that seems to prohibit me from being surprised...EVER.  So, yes I figured out when FI was going to propose which was kind of disappointing.  However, it was still exciting and I was still super happy!
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  • Actually I believe your wrong. There is still that element of surprise, do you know what he has planned? How he wants to propose?

    I know my proposal is this coming saturday, my engagement party is this sunday and i was told NOT to make plans for saturday...and he said it's my proposal. And it's killing me just wanting to know what he planned because he always goes that extra mile.

    Be positive, he hasn't ruined the surprise!!!!!!
  • Enjoy it anyway. He could have told you a date to throw you off.  When my FI and I went ring shopping he put the ring on a six month payment plan.  That would bring s the the end of September so I figured he would propose on my birthday. I was shocked when he proposed in May.  He used the payment plan to throw me off lol.
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  • Maybe some men do like this when you two are been together for long, he just like to share and do everything together with you. So you will do not mind, right?
  • I just got engaged a couple of weekends and my FI couldn’t keep it to himself about when the ring was going to be done, because he was so excited.  In fact I was in the car when the jeweler called on his Bluetooth (so I heard everything) to tell him the ring was done.  So I knew he was going to go get it and we had plans for that evening.  Even though he tried to do a few things to throw me off, ultimately I knew it was coming.  To be honest I felt the entire night was that more special because it felt like this huge buildup to the moment he actually asked. It was a very emotional night for the both of us and I love telling people our story.


    On a side night I had the absolute perfect surprise proposal with my ex and let me tell you I should have realized it was wrong then… but I was to caught up in the “perfect” surprise moment (horse drawn carriage in the city, blah blah).  This second time it was about us, and not the actual proposal itself. 


    It should make you feel great that he is just so excited that he can’t wait to tell you.  Plus you never know he maybe trying to throw you off.  Either way you should be excited for your future.  The proposal is only a short moment in the rest of your lives.  Enjoy it!

  • yeah, I wouldn't be so sure either, FI flat out lied to me, leading me along, he told me that he wasn't going to go ring shopping until after a big event at work.  He even got his sister in on it, she emailed me to find out what I liked, size, etc.  She said they had a date set up to go shopping in March.  All a ruse, he had ordered the ring that very day!  Proposal came in February.
  • I'm with the previous posters: there is still the element of surprise. I had a general idea when it was going to happen (i.e. the month) but he completely suprised me with the actual proposal. It was sweet and special and I never could have predicted it. Relax and enjoy the next several months - he'll surprise you. I promise. Laughing
  • It will be absolutely fine-my FI had to tell me about the ring and long story short, he put it on the dashboard in the car on our cross country trip because our departure was delayed so he could pick up the ring and he told me because I was so mad we were leaving later.  I was still surprised by it and very happy.  And look at the end result: you will be engaged and you will marry the man of your dreams. 
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  • I'm kind of in the same boat. My bf told me he wanted to take me ring shopping the day before my birthday. So I knew that once thise all happened it would be coming soon because he said he didn't want to wait any longer. But then I felt that I didn't really want to tell anyone yet because I didn't have the ring. And at the same time, I wanted to tell EVERYONE, haha. Now, I'm just trying not to think about it, and I kept telling him to wait a couple months and all that, so I guess we'll see what happens. Who knows, maybe if he sees that you're disappointed that the surprise factor is gone, he may switch it up? Boys are very special creatures, haha.
  • The positive is that hopefully you won't turn into psycho-girlfriend like I did, thinking that "today might be the day" EVERY day. At least two of my other girlfriends did the same thing. Practically ringing their guys' necks from the suspense. So the fact that you can relax might be good.

    But, I agree - bummer. I only knew about a week ahead of time (my FI is no good at surprises, I always guess) and I was still wanting it to be a shock. Once you're engaged, though, it will all be worth it.

    Congrats on your (almost) engagement!
  • It could be that he told you that to throw you off and it will be a surprise anyhow! :)
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