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Larger Photographer Companies

Who has had experience with larger photography companies (Classic Photographers, Bella Pictures etc...).  They seem to be more affordable but I am worried about loosing the personal touches?  Any thoughts... Have you used one of these companies and if so who was your photographer and would you recommend them?

Re: Larger Photographer Companies

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    Hello I don't want to hi jack  your post, however just looking to find some work.

    I am just starting out in the business however I have an extensive background in Graphic design. If you are interested here is my site
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    Check out if you are looking for the personal touch studio at a lower price.  She travels.

    We met with George St. Which is a similar company here in the Chicago area, maybe not quite as big as Bella Pictures.  We really wanted to have the same person incharge of our whole experience. From start to finish.  With alot of these larger companies you meet with one person, a 2nd does your wedding, a 3rd does the editing and a 4th does the album design.  That was just too many people for me.  My .02
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    Honestly, I haven't heard many good things about national companies on from ladies on the boards for exactly the reason's Anna mentioned above. It seems the experience becomes so "impersonal" most brides don't feel it was worth the value, if that makes sense.
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    I have heard nothing but horror stories about Bella.
    You don't know who your photographer will be until the day of the wedding.

    I would suggest that you go over to your local board and ask for reviews on photographers in your area.  I am sure the Brides will be able to point you in the direction of a photographer who is talented and affordable.
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    We are thinking Classic Photographers and we get to pick out our photographer and are going to have a chance to meet him prior to making our final decision.  He will also do our engagement session but then we do a lot of the preplanning stuff with someone else.  Although the photographer we picked is one of the few the still does his own editing and album design which makes me feel a little better but I still have some concerns because it is not as personal as some other chooses.  Any other thoughts/ suggestions?  Thanks!
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    I hear only bad things about all of those larger photography mills, both here and through local friends.  Bella, The Pros, and all the rest.  I have yet to speak with ANYONE who has used them and was happy with the result.
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