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Confession Thursday

Good morning, ladies!! It's Thursday already! Secrets go here :)
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Re: Confession Thursday

  • Today I confess that I was actually really excited to wake up and work out! I still feel pumped up haha.

    Hope everyone has a great day! 
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  • I confess that I REALLY didn't want to work out last night. But FI talked me into going. 

    I confess that we totally broke all kinds of invitation etiquette. FI hand delivered some invites, we included 18+ year old kids on their parents' invites and we put "and family" on tons of invites too. Mostly just for my family members since my mom has been so insistent that EVERYONE gets an invite even though we don't even talk to half of the folks and we know without a doubt that they won't come. She of course "put her foot down" after we had already ordered our invites so we didn't have enough to give to every single cousin/second cousin/etc. We were planning on inviting them all to the AHR since that will be in town and easier for everyone to attend.

    Finally (for now) I confess that I have been giving one of said "never talk to" cousin's the big ole side eye. I don't want to get in to too many details because I have no idea if she posts on here - but she is also getting married - demanded that I not get married in her wedding "month" and has all kinds of other BSC stuff going on with her wedding. I can't make it to her wedding (it's right before our wedding) and I'm kind of sad if only to see all the craziness that I'm sure will ensue....I'm sure that makes me a bad person.
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  • TerriHuggTerriHugg member
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    I confess that I'm way more excited than I should be about getting our first wedding gift in the mail yesterday! We are trying to figure out if we should open it after the wedding or open now and send a thank you card. 

    I also confess that I'm just about down to the last month and there seems to be a lot of last minute things I need to do which leads me to my next confession... I've been up late worried about money and how I'm going to pay for all of this. FI and I have never owned a credit card before and pay for everything with cash. We really don't want to have to get one now... 
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  • Terri- YAY for the first present :) We are also starting to think more about spending all this money. Luckily I have a good chunk of $$ saved away but just spending it all instead of using the money on other things is starting to freak me out! I've definitely been taking a hard look at things to see if we really need them or not!!
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  • I'm with you girls about the money. It all seemed so great in the early planning stages, and now I can think of better things to spend it on, like a new fence in our backyard, new kitchen cupboards... But alas - this is our wedding day, right ladies? Smile
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  • Sara, I confess that I broke all kinds of etiquette for the invites too. I sent them out way early (which in hindsight was totally unnecessary but I was sure it NEEDED to be done, and now I just worry that people think I B-listed). I also included a few 18 year olds on their parents invites. One is in Rome, Italy living with his parents, and I knew they couldn't come. I was pretty sure they couldn't come anyway, and didn't see the need to send two invites to the  same address in Italy. 

    I confess that as much fun as my wedding was, I'm so glad to be home! I missed our dogs! 
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  • Awww, that makes another confession for me... I'm totally going to miss our dogs while we're gone! We'll be away for almost 2 weeks. I can barely make it a full week without their lovin'! :-p
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