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How early is too early?

I am getting married in October of 2012 and I was wondering how early is too early to shop for my wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses? I am getting excited and really want to start but I feel it may still be too early.
What are your thoughts?
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Re: How early is too early?

  • Kfudge0714Kfudge0714 member
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    My thoughts are know yourself first... If you don't know what you want and are typically a picky person... you might want to start sooner! But if you already know the shape/style you want then its okay to wait. I purchased my dress with just under 11 months to go. The bridal salon also told me it would be 6 LONG months before my dress even came in. So you want to allow time for it to come in and allow time for alterations.

    Typically I think its usually right around 12 months out that is the norm. But do what you think it best for you. However, I persoanlly wouldn't go too early tho because your weight/shape and taste may change!

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    My friend ordered her wedding dress too early and didn't like it any more about 5 months before the wedding. She ended up going out and buying a second dress. If your tastes change often, I would say try to wait a few more months to purchase one. It wouldn't hurt to go try some on though and get an idea of what you like! :-)
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    Many dresses take between 8-10 months to be recieved once the order has been placed and you also need to factor in time for alterations.  Based on these two factors,  I started looking at 13 months out so I had plenty of time to shop around and see all of my options.  I'm particular though and can never make a purchase, especially such a big one, without feeling like I've exhausted the options and am certain of my choice.  I guess there is always the possibility that you could purchase too early and change your mind but if you wait too long there the possibility of finding your dream dress and not having enough lead time to order. 

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    I bought mine in April 2010 for my August 2011 wedding.  It did not come in until October of 2010.  I think whenever you think you want to start, go ahead.
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    I agree with others.  If you are a person who changes your mind frequently, it's too early.  I'm pretty indecisive, so waited to shop until I was a year out.  We picked BM dresses at around the same time. :)  I think that's plenty of time to get your dress in, but not enough to necessarily risk falling out of love. 
  • ladyd522ladyd522 member
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    I'm getting married October of this year & picked out my wedding dress September 2010. I got it at Madeline's daughter in Portsmouth & my dress came in around February this year.

    I think you can go anytime you want. Even if you start looking to get an idea of what you like then maybe wait a few months and go back out!
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    Ditto what everyone else says, I bought my dress a year in advance, and I love my dress, but as time went on I saw many more that I think I would also love, so I would def say if you do shop and purchase, stop looking at magazines, websites and stores, I know I should have but I just love the knot magazine looking at all the dresses haha. I still love my dress, but I wish I had tried on more styles just to be totally sure.
  • DrPB2b13DrPB2b13 member
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    All advice I've read is to go shopping between 12 and 9 months before.  It certainly doesn't hurt to go shopping sooner if you know you can be confident in your decision and not constantly question it or fall out of love with your dress.

    When I went in late June for my June 2012 wedding, I was thanked by my consultants; apparently most brides end up shopping around 7 months beforehand and end up coming in down to the wire.

    ETA:  I do know a girl who purchased her dress two years before she even set a date for her wedding, which was then 11 months away.  She's had the dress in a closet for nearly 3 years at this point; she fell in love with it at a sample sale, it fit perfectly, and so she purchased it then and there.
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    Thanks for the advice everyone =)
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  • mariegramariegra member
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    I would recommend that you start looking about 10-12 months before your wedding and make the decision no later than 8-9 months before.  It could take close to that long for the gown to come in, and then you want to allow an extra 4-6 weeks for alterations. 

    It's OK to look and try gowns on and get a feel for what looks good on you, but I would resist the temptation to commit to a gown until you have to for a couple of reasons...
    1) You want to be measured as close to your size as possible to minimize the expensive alterations.
    2) You might change your mind or have regrets if you buy too early, (on my "month" board---there were several girls who did this and then ended up buying a second, (or sometimes a third) dress.  They're too expensive--so don't do that!

    EDIT:  I ordered a dress from Modern Bride the week of Thanksgiving '10 and it arrived in May '11, (6 months), started fittings the 2nd week of July for a Labor Day wedding.
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