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Exciting check!!! (pic)

Hi guys, I haven't posted here in a while but I wanted to share my latest check...

We got our rings!!!

I'm going to move my e-ring to my right hand after we're married and wear the band alone on my left hand.  Religiously we are supposed to get married in solid gold bands, so I'll be wearing my grandmothers gold wedding band during the ceremony.  I'll add my band before the reception though, I can't wait to wear it!!!!!!!!

Fi was supposed to get married in his grandfathers gold wedding band (he passed years ago) but Fis his parents house was robbed recently and the thieves took the ring. It's really sad... but Fi decided to get himself a gold band to wear every day, since his grandfathers was gold, which is really sweet.

100 days to go until May 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Exciting check!!! (pic)

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