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September 2012 Weddings

Wedding Dress

When is everyone going to start looking for their wedding dress? I was thinking about looking this summer....

Re: Wedding Dress

  • I am wearing my mom's dress. She got married in the eighties so it has the big sleeves and a neckline that needs to be calmed down a little. It is a lace dress though, and that is what I wanted. Luckily, she used to sew custom wedding gowns for a job, so she will be able to fix the dress. She has already taken off the sleeves to make it a V-Neck and it looks like a completely different dress!
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  • jeslmjeslm member
    I've already been once with my mom, because we knew it was the only time we'd get to do just a mother-daughter dress shopping trip, and since I'm her only daughter she really wanted that.  I found a dress at David's that I absolutely fell in love with, so I'll definitely be going back there to try it on with the full entourage.

    However, a family member of FI's works for a bridal designer, and when FI's sister got married, she went to the shop and the family member told her "don't look at price tags, just pick what you want."  This relative is close to FI that to his sister, so we're hoping that I get the same treatment, and I've been scouring the website.

    I want to get the church and venue booked before I shop for a dress, but I also don't want to be even remotely close to under the gun as far as ordering and alterations.  I figure I'll start gathering the entourage for trips around the end of this summer, and I'd like to have the dress ordered no later than Jaunuary.

  • My Mom's flying down this summer for a few days to go shopping - there's a street near my house that is just full of wedding gown stores!  Apparently they all have summer sales in June, so we're going to try to go then.  If we don't find anything that trip, I'll have to head up north again (I live 2000 miles away from my parents, and we're getting married up near them).



  • I am getting my dress next month during the Demetrios trunk sale. I am going to save almost $300 on my dress!!!
  • I just decided on the dress this past weekend. I didn't expect to find "the one" (I only went shopping friday and saturday... the first time too) but I love it so why wait!!
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