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sort of stressed...

So my FI and I have had an offer accepted on a condo (back in April) and since it's a short sale one one the banks have settled the loan but the other is just sitting there! I am so frustrated! With the wedding stuff and everything coming together I just can't help but think about the fact that we don't have a place to live (right now we are staying with my parents until we get the house so we are not locked into a lease) I try to talk to my FI about it and the fact that I am starting to freak out and he just gets upset because I know he can't fix it but i just wish we would hear something...

So it's about time to think about where we are registering and I can't even think about house things when we have no idea what we are doing! 

I am just venting so I don't explode. Thanks for reading.... tensions are just running high...
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Re: sort of stressed...

  • I've been under contract to buy a condo since January and they keep pushing off the closing.  Now we are scheduled to close less than a month before the wedding.  When we were first looking for a place, I thought I couldn't register until we found one, but once I went to register I realized that it didn't really matter.  There are a few items where it could make a difference, like bedding, but for the most part, the stuff you like and want will be the same no matter where you are living.
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  • Depdending on what happens with the condo, you can always add and delete items off of your registry. But you can still register for the basic essentials and go from there. We added some things a month or so before our wedding.
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  • You can still register for dishes and towels and sheets... maybe hold off on some of the larger items or extra items like a mega crock pot or espresso machine. 
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  • I agree - just go with the basics.  You know you'll need pots & pans, dishes, flatware, etc.  Just stay away from decor items like candle holders, mirrors, and such until you are more certain of where you'll be living.  Many registries let you update and make changes on line.  GL!
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  • I've been in a similar situation with the short sale condo situation. Even though I don't have to worry about the nitty-gritty of a wedding for another year, we did have problems with our bank and actually switched banks. Is the bank on your side? If so, do you have the ability to switc to another bank? My future fiance's work actually has a bank and was able to handle everything in a fraction of the time compared to a bigger bank who had been lagging for months. Hope that helps.
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