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Grilling help for a campsite wedding

Hi all!
We're having a campsite wedding. We're renting a portion of a campground and a shelter and grilling out after the wedding. We don't know how to look for people to help us grill thoguh. We aren't really looking for caterers, since we have food to bring. Does anyone have ideas of the type of place or particular business to talk to about something like this? We're stuck! Thanks!

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    Hey! I'm looking to do the same thing for my wedding! How did yours go? If you dont mind me asking what campsite did you use? I'm having trouble finding one that can accomodate this in MA. And what did you end up doing for the grilling? TIA!
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    Hey Mosky211,
    We aren't actually getting married until September, so I can't tell you how it'll go. It's okay so far-the most difficult thing has been finding a pastor to come out and do the ceremony (at Clinton Lake Recreational Area in Illinois) for us. That was an unexpected challenge.
    The campground is actually really nice. The group camp that we initially booked was scary, so we ended up booking a bunch of regular sites and a group shelter. It's right on the water, and is very pretty. They even have an ampitheatre next to the lake to get married at.
    I ended up contacting a lot of area cooking and culinary schools and asking them to post the job. We offered $75 a person. I think we'll end up with two people to help us. There's a lot more logistics involved with this kind of wedding since you have to buy all the food yourself, deal with the rentals and decorating, etc. You should send me an email as you get more of your planning done. Maybe we can compare notes. :) Hope this helps!

  • the aouthern illinois pork produces might be  a place to contact. Also, local volunteer fire departments sometimes will do stuff like that for donations. Your best bet is a moose lodge cause they cook in return for donations. Our local vfw in newton,il has done stuff like that too.
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