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muscle car rental anyone??

I love classic cars but I am so over seeing the same old boring thing...Ive seen plenty of sites for exotic car rentals on the island but does anyone know of a MUSCLE car rental company, chevelles, camaros, baracudas etc??? I could really use some help Ive looked everywhere!

Re: muscle car rental anyone??

  • XxKrazy4uXxKrazy4u member
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    Maybe try a classic car forum. You  might find someone local who wont charge you  and arm or a leg. There are tons of classics on the island.
  • lciro85lciro85 member
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    If you find anything on Long Island...let us know! I was looking for something's hard! 
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    there are probably TONS of car shows coming up around the island with fall right around the corner... maybe someone would be willing to rent their car? just a thought... good luck!
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