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DJ-Barryoke Karaoke Entertainment

Hey Everyone! We are in search for a DJ for our wedding reception. We were hoping for Bruce Jones but he's booked. Wondering if anyone has used Barry Wells from Barryoke Karaoke Entertainment......or any suggestions would be helpful!

Re: DJ-Barryoke Karaoke Entertainment

  • Hi! We used Barryoke May 25 and really enjoyed him. Here's the review I wrote up for my full vendor reviews a while back:

    As a DJ he was great! He played what we wanted and filled in well otherwise. Everyone spent the whole night on the dance floor! For the ceremony on the beach, we had contracted for him to provide amplification for the officiant, the piano player, and the clarinetist. I was a little disappointed in the amplification quality (a few people in the back told me it was hard to hear, others in the back said they had no problem) and he only had one mic. There was also some disaster that I haven’t really figured out what happened with an extension cord and the piano; whatever it was worked out fine, although I think the answer lies with the man in construction work clothes who was helping himself to dinner and beer for a few minutes at the reception after being handed an extension cord my brother-in-law retrieved from Barry…
  • Thank you for the review!
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