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Hello ladies! Recently engaged here and I have NO idea what I am doing or suppose to be doing. My fiance & I have just decided wedding colors last night and wrote out a guest list so we are looking at just under 100 people. I have no idea what I am asking for, or advice, I'm not sure. I've been looking at venues since the engagement in November. I came across the Atrium and I fell in love just based on the pictures. If there is a past bride here, or future one, that is using this facility, do you mind telling me a price range? Like I said, I have no idea what I am doing as we have multiple parents offering to help cost, but I am trying to create a budget with no sense of anything. I'M STRESSED! Anyone feel like mentoring? Lol. I appreciate any and all advice. We are wanting an outdoor ceremony, and indoor reception. Thanks a ton!

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    Congrats, Ali!  Breathe, sweetheart.  Breathe.  First determine a budget, then who will be making contributions.  WeddingWire has GREAT budgeting tools and vendor lists.  You could start there.  Get ready to dig in and start researching and emailing vendors -- there's so many options and they're all dying for your business!  They will be happy to email proposals and don't forget to ask for discounts.

    This is a start in the right direction.  The girls on this board and on the boards in general are great and some of the advice is invaluable.  If you have questions, post them here, as someone may have the same question, no matter how silly you may think it is.

    Also, please feel free to emai me with your q's.

    Happy Planning!
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    Welcome to the board!  I am lucky that I have a loooonnnnggggg engagement, so I have twice as much time to plan and lurk around. As PP said, these boards are a step in the right direction.

    Happy planning, Ali!
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    I am an Atrium bride! It's a beautiful venue and the staff is great to work with. Keep in mind that the Atrium gets EXPENSIVE. They are the exclusive in-house caterer and decorator. You cannot DIY your decor at all. Then they charge a 21% service charge on almost everything, but that does cover tips you would give your wait staff. The only thing (other than ceremony accessories like a guest book, etc) you can bring in is bridal party flowers and your cake. If your budget isn't 5 figures, you will not be able to afford the Atrium. My guest count is estimated at 130 and with bringing in outside cake and bridal party flowers, when everything is said and done my total wedding will be close to $15,000.

    Edit: I LOVE the Atrium though. I am very happy with it, even if it is expensive.
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    Step one: Determine your budget, ask all those who have offered to contribute how much they're willing to contribute. Get numbers; your budget will determine all aspects of your wedding.

    bbyckes is right the WeddingWire has some good budgeting tools.  There are other ones out there, too, in sofware/online/book form.  Many books and websites provide lists of questions to ask potential vendors, too.  Before you book your venue, make sure you know what it entails - Do you have to use certain caterers? Do you have to use their bartenders and alcohol?  Can you provide your own? Do they have time limits on the length of your event?  Ask for a quote that spells all of the terms of the contract out, including anything you would have to pay extra for.

    While I haven't been a stickler for timelines, they're a good place to start when trying to figure out everything you need to get done. The Knot has an okay one, and there are a lot of books that have them, too.  Just don't panic if you haven't finished something that they say needs to be done - you can plan a wedding in almost any amount of time. I had a friend plan a lovely wedding for almost 300 people in 3 months. I've had about a year.

    And most of all - Have Fun!
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    Congratulations!! It really will all be okay! It's stressful, but try your best to have fun while you're at it. Like everyone has been saying, just make a list and only work on one thing at a time. Too much juggling will leave you feeling completely overwhelmed!! Been there, done that!! I have a venue to suggest. I looked at The Vines Mansion in Loganville. It sounds far away, but it isn't at all. If you take Sugarloaf Parkway from 85 North, you'll be there in less than 20 minutes!
    I loved that place, but they were already booked for my date and I just didn't want to change it. This place is gorgeous and affordable. Imagine that! I wanted to tell everyone about an Open House/Bridal Event they are having this Sunday. I got an email about the event and it starts at 2 PM. I will double check on their website and then post it for all the ladies to check out if they need a venue.

    Take care and relax a little if you can.
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    Hi there! These ladies give me all my advice, so I'll leave that part to them. But I just wanted to say congratulations and welcome!! And breathe. It'll be ok. Scratch that, it'll be awesome. You are planning your wedding, be excited! That's my advice :) 
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