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Has anyone seen this show?  Four brides go to each others' weddings and rate the other weddings.  The one with the most points gets a free honeymoon.  I think I may have seen it once before.  Some of the things that these girls do seem a little odd or rude.  Like one girl told her guests that they had to wear black and white.  The girls on this show seem a little catty - tearing each others' weddings apart.  

So it made me wonder, when you go to weddings, do you find yourself critiquing the wedding?  What are some of the things that matter to you the most?

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    I watch Four Weddings if I happen to be channel surfing and it's on.  Some of the girls flat out annoy me, and there have been a few times the girl I liked the most won. :)

    I've found myself criticizing not having enough chairs at the reception (ceremonies have usually been in chruches, so seating hasn't been aproblem there) and if there's a really long Cocktail/Appetizer hour...with not many appetizers.  FI was in a wedding last spring and pictures after the ceremony ended up taking 1 1 /2 hours.  The reception was 1/2 an hour away from the church, and all they had available was punch and peanuts.  We were all starving by the time the B&G and wedding party arrived...and then FI had to sit at the head table.  I was tired, hungry, didn't really know anybody...and that just annoyed me even more.
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    i have seen that show too! gosh...some girls are just RUDE!!! lol. 

    i have not been to a wedding since being engaged yet...but before i didn't really criticize i dont think. there is always things that were like "oh..i dont want that at my wedding.." but mostly because of personal choice. 

    FI and i went to a wedding reception back in June and it was outside. it was a GORGEOUS location!!!! but it was hot and sticky..and bugs kept flying in our food and drinks. my FI even took his dress shirt off and just wore is black t-shirt underneath since it was soo hot. after that...i knew that i didn't want my reception outside. and so it is inside. (: 

    but every bride is different..therefor budgets and different and personal taste is different. I try not to critique...because that is just how they want THEIR special day. (:  Even though i would do mine differently.....
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    I find myself watching that show, too. But the girls are so mean! I watched one where the one bride had a dry wedding and not only did the other girls complain about it, but 2 women at their table had brought their own alcohol- so rude! 

    I haven't been to TOO many weddings. I agree with Monica that a lot of it is personal choice. As long as the couple remembers why they are there- to celebrate their love. 
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    I totally critique.  I'm not going to lie.  I mean, I would never say anything out loud, but I have definitely been to weddings where I have cringed at some of the decorative/food/bridal gown decisions that have gone down.
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    Ahhh, I hate this show. It's so catty.

    I do notice things more when I go to other people's weddings now. Both good and bad.
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    I watch that show to laugh at how silly they are. Like critiquing the music or someone's vows. FI's grandmother came up to us a few months ago and told us she submitted our wedding to the show! AHhhhh! I was definitely shocked, but I told her I hope they don't pick us. I want to enjoy my day, not worry about 3 stranger complaining about no alcohol! ;)
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    I've seen the show and agree that a lot of the girls are overly critical of each others weddings.  I'm sure part of it is that they don't really know each other.  When I go to a friend or relative's wedding,  I may critique a little bit, but I'm generally happy for them and give them the benefit of the doubt.  I think I would be more critical of a complete stranger's wedding.
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    I watch that show from time to time as well.  I am appalled at how critical they can be about each others' weddings, whether they have similar cultures or not.  And it seems that they are SO picky about things that I feel like aren't really even that important.  So maybe my priorities are just different.  My FI and I watched it together one time and he was like "why would someone spend $$ on dancers in bubbles?  Really, isn't my shag enough to entertain the audience!!?"  :-)

    We are big music people though, so that is higher up on our list than it is for most of the brides on 4 weddings.  

    I find that when I attend other peoples' weddings I'm not so much critical of the decisions they made about decor, food, cake, dress, etc, but I'm more critical of the person getting married and the process... for example, I'm attending a wedding this evening for a family friend and they literally got engaged right around Christmas and planned a wedding to happen in 2 months.  In my community, the first question that came up: "Is she pregnant?"  It's funny in a way, but it's sad too, that we are so judgmental of each other.  I've been praying for God to take the negative thoughts out of my head so that I can focus on celebrating the joyous occasion they are having!! :-) 
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    I've never seen the show but I've heard of it - I think I'll just stick to having our own wedding with no strangers!!

    I haven't been to any weddings since planning ours but I've never been critiqued it - I always just note how beatiful her dress is, or how it suits her, or how the groom lights up when he sees her and how cute the FG and RB are and so on.  I've never really been one to critique anything that much though so that may be part of the reason.  :)  I agree, everyone's thoughts and personal ideas are different so I just focus on it being lovely for them.  :)

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    Before getting engaged I definitely noticed things and would say (to myself), "I'm not going to do that when I get married."  Most of the weddings I went to before meeting Joe were weddings that I was in so I learned a lot of things to do and not do.  The only wedding I went to where I wasn't in the party AND I remember thinking of how I would handle things was at my cousin's wedding.  He had a live band with big band type music and I totally wanted that at my wedding.  I loved it!  (I used an iPod - no live band - no DJ  Frown)

    Since meeting Joe and thinking about getting married myself, I would notice things at weddings and think of what I would do differently.  For example, not wanting to make guests wait a long time between ceremony and reception, no long toasts, no bouquet toss, etc.  But I don't think if I was on a show like this that I would be as negative as these ladies were.  

    I was talking to Joe today about what these ladies would have complained about at our wedding.  Then I realized that all of those things were the way I wanted them to be so I don't really care if some of our guests didn't like them!
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