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I am getting married at Smith Barn in Peabody and need help finding a great DJ, that can play a variety of music and keep my guests dancing all night along.

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    What is your budget?  That will help us give you the best suggestions.

    Ones that I hear a lot are DJ Dave Lynch
    Ra Mu and the Crew

    I'm using NuImage.  (a lot pricier than most thank god it was a gift)
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    I would like to spend around 1500.
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    You shouldn't have any problem finding a DJ for that much.  Mine is going to be around $800 for 5 hours.  (Mine happens to be a great friend of mine, so it may cost others a little more, but I expect no more than $1,000!) Check out Pure Energy (dot) com. I'd suggest asking if the people you check out have videos--so you can see the level of engagement of the crowd.  Also ask your friends who have similar taste if they have anyone they know!  
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    We also used Nuimage. I've heard great things about Greg Capozzi from C-Zone and I believe he's in that price range.
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    We are using greg capozzi, we saw him at a wedding and he was highly recommended.
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    DJ Dan from or DJ Sam or DJ Drew!  Both in the price range and both can do north shore!
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    Were using Groove entertainment. But we also were on a tight budget. I negotiated with them to make it work. We have photos,video and dj (joe). Joe is the owner and my venue said he was great. His wife is the photos person and she is a sweatheart. I feel very fourtunate that we were able to afford them. I believe being honest with them and saying what can you do for me. I need this and this and most dj's can work with you. I have video for only 5hrs and photos for 6hrs and dj all night a way to make it work. Good luck. We also met with Curtis knight and liked him as well but groove was able to give us a better package plus I likes Marcia the photographer so much more.
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    I would suggest Chuck from Move it Music or Damien from Soundz Unique!  Both are great.  I am using Chuck as he is part of the Spinellis package but Damien is awesome and if the DJ wasnt a package deal i would have absolutely went with Soundz Unique!
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    Entertainment by Scott Sica. 
    Every single person (young and old) complimented us on our choice of DJ as they felt he did an exemplary job of not butting into the wedding and keeping the guests up and moving with great music all night.  I think I paid a discounted rate of 1100 and he was mine all day and all night, no matter how long.  He organized and ran my rehearsal for us (we didn't have a priest or jp, just a friend), and he has a top-notch personality.  My husband and I met with him at least 3 times prior to the wedding to go over my worries and our favorite music and the timeline of our wedding, etc. and he was there whenever I needed him.  I would never hire a different DJ again after having Scott (and many of our wedding guests feel the same way).
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    We're using DJ Carlos Russis, from 5 Star Entertainment. Our total is $1295.  This includes 4 hours and uplighting.  We met him at my best friend's sister's wedding and he was awesome.  Check him out.
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    Peter Diozzi from Groove Entertainment is fabulous!
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