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Worst Photographer ever (from bump board)

If anyone is in the CT area avoid this woman at all costs!

My sister had gotten me what I thought was the best gift ever for my baby shower. She got my a gift certificate from Jan Sexson who owns a photography studio to have my maternity and newborn pictures done. Now the gift certificate my sister said was something that she had done special because shes never done it before and it was a combo deal. My sister was so excited she thought she got a really good deal.

I call up as requested a week after I got the gift certificate to schedule a consultation with her. It went well and my husband and I went back the following Saturday to have our pictures taken and here where everything goes down hill. We get to her studio and shes not set up. No biggie we told her it wasn't a problem we sat down drank our coffee and talked with her while she was setting up. About half an hour later she tells us that she has another couple coming in to look at their newborn photos so if shes taking our pictures shes going to have to stop and show them the photos. I wasn't pleased but I didn't say anything and sure enough when the other couple came in she still hadn't even finished setting up for our session. When the other couple finally let and she got all set up it was almost 2 hours after we where supposed to have started. We get through the session ok and she tells us the pictures would be ready the following Friday to come and look at.

Friday passes and I haven't heard from her. On Monday I send her an email asking for a time to come and look at the photos because I have thank you cards that I want to send out with the pictures in it. She tells me that other people have photos that need to be out for Christmas so I have to be patient and wait. It was the following Friday that we go in to look at our photos. She said that she had touched them up and done some work to them but my husband and I didn't see it because in the pictures you can see my stretch marks for the only belly photo I took. We picked out a few photos that we did like and I started having contractions and excused myself to use the ladies room.

When I came out I saw my husband with a look on his face like get me out of here. I ask her when we can come pick up the pictures after decideing what size and how many pictures I was going to need. She then informed me that it would be an additional 600 bucks if I wanted pictures. My gift certificate that I got had a value of 200 dollars and the sitting fee for the maternity shots alone was 185 dollars. At this point my contractions where so bad that I told her we'd give her a call tomorrow to let her know what we wanted to do.

The next day I get an email with proofs for thank you cards that I did not ask her to do telling me that for 30 thank you cards she was going to be charging us an additional 70 dollars for them and they could be done and back to us in 2 days, plus a 40 dollar design fee. I was floored! I didn't ask her for them I told her I already had thank you cards I just wanted the wallets to put in them.( oh and by the way for 24 wallets it was 70 dollars and for 48 it was 90).

I sent her an email telling her that I was upset at how this was being handled and I didn't want my sister to be upset so my husband and I would pick 1 picture and have that and come in and do the newborn photos (which she finally said was included in the gift certificate because I had to show her that she wrote it along with 24 birth announcements) so that my sisters money wouldn't go wasted. Not to mention she had gotten everyone in the family 50 dollar gift cards to go get a picture of our son for Christmas. I again told her we would pick out 1 picture and thats that.

Well she proceeded to print out my email bring it to my sisters job today( she works at a bank that's how they met) and showed it to her and told my sister that she would be refunding her money and she didn't want anything to do with my husband or myself and she refuses to take our newborn photos. My sister calls me telling me how horrible of a person I am that I am unprofessional and she has to deal with this person all the time and she can't believe that I complained about her. 

I then myself call Jan because at this point I am livid that she would pring out an email and show it to my sister and she tells me that I was nothing but rude to her and she did about 8 hours worth of work for us and we treated her horribly. She said that someone like me would do better at Penny's or Sears and hung up in my face.

I just can't believe this! I don't know if I'm more upset or more pissed at my sister for being mad at me because of the photographer or if I'm just plain pissed at the photographer oh and not to mention that now I have no pictures because she deleted them!  An if you've made it this far and are still reading you have more patience then me right now!

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Re: Worst Photographer ever (from bump board)

  • I think if "sex" was part of my name, I'd avoid it in my business name.
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    Just because you saw it on Four Weddings, doesn't mean it's a good idea.
  • This review seems really one-sided. What was the gift certificate specifically for? If it just covered sitting fees then she was perfectly within her rights at asking for payment for prints requested.

    I agree that it was VERY unprofessional of her to "tattle" to your sister and print out e-mail correspondence, but that seems to be the worst thing she did.

    It almost sounds more like a misunderstanding than anything else.
  • Did you see a price list or contract before you went there?  Some photographers have minimums, and while this doesn't seem to be clear, it may be the case.   I agree it sounds like a misunderstanding, what did you expect to get with the GC besides the sitting fee?
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