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So my fiancee and I were planning on holding our wedding in the winter at the Joslyn Castle. We were going to put the deposit down next week and were told that our names were written down on our day and if anyone else expressed interest in that day then we would be notified and have the first go at it.

We found out today that the castle wrote our names down on the wrong day and booked our day. Even though we are a year out, we are in a little bit of a panic about finding a venue since we already have a photographer and are interviewing caterers next week. (We are planning this wedding long distance so only have the opportunity to be in Nebraska this Christmas).

Does anyone have any recommendations on a fantastic venue in the Lincoln or Omaha area? We really don't like the typical one room banquet hall set up with dance floor. Thanks so much for any help!!

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    When is your wedding date? If your having it in winter you have to book early because of Holiday parties. Idk what your budget is but maybe you could try the ballrooms in hotels downtown.
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    What size is your guest list?  This website has a ton of locations: Another option is to just call the photographer and ask if they are available on another day.  They shouldn’t charge anything extra for changing the date.   One option to consider is a Friday wedding as then more vendors are likely to be available. We had our wedding at Scoular Ballroom downtown which I loved but it doesn’t sound like that is what you are looking for.  You can rent the atrium at Scoular which would give you multiple rooms.  Anthony’s Steakhouse might be another place to check out.  They recently redid their banquet area and I’ve heard it’s really nice and they are easy to work with.   

    You might want to check out the Durham Museum, that sounds like it might be what you are looking for.
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    I was also totally in lust with the Joslyn Castle but they didn't have our date available.  It sounds like we have simliar tastes.  Other places that I loved but just didn't work out were Joslyn Art Museum,  Durham Museum, The Magnolia Hotel, and the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center.  They are all fantastic venues that I have gone to weddings at before.  They are different in an unexpected way.  We ended up going with a blank canvas type hall, 1316 Jones because of the massive deck.  Good luck!!  I know it will all turn out okay.
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    check out 1316 Jones St.  Different that a "hotel type" banquet room.  the exposed brick adds a lot of charm.  It is beautiful at night as well.
    I also just went to a wedding at the tip top ballroom and that was very nice as well.

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    And depending on your guest list the same guy that runs 1316 jones also does the paxton ballroom!
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    We loved The Club at Indian Creek, it also has a huge veranda & would be beautiful in the winter. Hap does the catering (yum) and the staff is unbelievable to work with..
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    The zoo does weddings too if your looking for different. I wanted a different sort of a feel so we are doing ours at the bellevue berry farm next fall. Such a cute place and SUCH a good price too!
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