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How far in advance should your alterations be completed?

Just curious, I don't know much but I feel like my seamstress is a little behind and I'm not too happy about it! 

How far before the wedding did you get your dress in their final form?


Re: How far in advance should your alterations be completed?

  • edited December 2011
    My dress actually won't be in until January. But when I bought it the consultant told me the lady doing my alterations would do a couple fittings with me but wouldn't actually change anything until like a week beforehand. That way there would be no worry if something changed in between the first fitting and last fitting.
  • mcarlbergmcarlberg member
    edited December 2011
    Your alterations should be completed as close to the wedding as possible. Preferably a week or so. This way, your body is right where its going to be the day of...and theres just enough time if something needs to be tweaked. Youll be just fine!
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