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Hi everyone, I just got married on July second and I contracted THE PROS to do my photos and DJ. My advice about them, DO NOT CONTRACT THEM!!!
I saw they were considered The Best in 2009/2010 here at the Knot, but after all, they are definitely not!!!
Everything started when I "sign" the contract with one person, I payed $400 at the beginning and after that the lady disappear. After a while, I decided to contact her, to see what will be the next step, since my wedding was coming in like 2 weeks. Was at that time that I figure out that she wasn't working for The Pros anymore..image how security and happy about this company I was. I had to call everybody to figure out what was going on, and them they said that another lady will help me. TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE BIG DAY!!! My family was in USA from Brazil, my husband's family was in VA from AZ, house crazy and a lot of thing to set down before the wedding.
Like two or three days before the wedding, the photographer and the DJ contact me, I was a little relieved but still worried to know if they will appear at the wedding day. After that, the second lady talked to me and one more time I trusted on them. I payed around $1300 at the week of my wedding, even not agreeing with pay the whole amount before I see them at the party and see the pictures.
Well, they went there. The DJ was ok, at the ceremony the guests asked him to played the song louder because nobody could hear and at the party, he played the songs ALL until the end, like our first dance we had to turn to him and ask him CUT THE SONG, that kind of make the guests bored and didn't have time to play more songs. Also I did a couple obs. at his profile asking him to do some stuff at the party, like sing Happy Birthday for one of the Brides Maid, but he forgot and I was TO CRAZY BUSY to remember...but well, people drunk so they had fun anyway.
Now, the photographer!!!! OMG!! First, she got at the place 2 hours before the ceremony so she could take pictures of making off. I also asked her to look around the place for the best shots, be familiar with the area,etc. I don't think she did at all, because after the ceremony, I had to ask her to change the back picture, move for a different place. During the making off pictures, she took the pics with all the messy in the room in the back, my friend in underwear in the back!! The pictures of my husband with his families and his grown men, she took with the plastic chairs in the back, well. To resume, she took a bunch of pictures with people closing eyes and she didn't took another one, she didn't use zoom + in her pictures, she barely used the camera in the vertical, she didn't fuzzy the back to focus in something important in front, at our first dance song, she took ALL the pictures of our BACK!!! While everybody was in front getting nice shots!! She sat behind the DJ for almost two hours, I had to ALL the time call her for pictures, she lost best shots, and import moments and in the end, she asked me to leave before the time that we set for. Also, she was with an attitude at the wedding, that all the guests saw and commented with me! She had no patience...she had no smile, no photographer feelings. A good photographer never let the camera down, she did, many times!!!!! 
I am a woman, like a lot of you, that dreamed about this day. I worked REALLY hard to be perfect and I payed $1700 for The Pros make me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME that I look at the pictures. There is not art, nothing special or different than my family/friend's pictures. If I knew that I will have better pictures and more pictures from them, I wont never contract a photographer and spend money for that. Now I have 650 pictures from them, they keep tell me that the pictures are FINE and they cannot do anything for me, they don't answer my email or phone calls anymore. I'm REALLY frustrate!! There are so more that I could say about my deception, but I will stop now. 
My brother is a photographer but he couldn't come for the wedding, he lives in Brazil, he saw the pics and he is really sorry. Also the other photographer that I was going to contract too, for my wedding, I sent his website to The Pros to check and see what is a good and professional photographer and they never answered me back.
Maybe someone can help me in what I can do, for at least have my money back, since I can't have another wedding day.
Thank you The Knot for this space for us.

Re: Frustrate!!!

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    You are not going to get your money back so forget about that idea. You paid them to show up and perform and the DJ and the photographer did that. You got 650 photos. They fulfilled their obligation to you.

    The fact that you are dissatisfied with the photos doesn't entitle you to your money back.
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    If the pictures are really that bad, I would take them to small claims court. Sorry :(
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    I can relate. I didn't go with the Pros but my photographer ended up coming down with strep throat the week before the wedding. So he sent another man that I had never met before. I think the other photographer did a nice job but now I can't get in touch with either of them and its been almost a month. I'm not sure if I'll ever see my photos. :(
  • PeacefieldPeacefield member
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    I'm almost amazed that places like The Pros are still in business; I read one disasterous review after another in this forum.

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