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I'm trying to justify to my fiance that I have a very good photography quote from an old friend.  Can anyone give me your thoughts on this price and/or what prices you have for photos as comparison?

Package is:
6 hours, 90 day online gallery, one photographer, unlimited photos and edited images on CD on copywriter permission for $1,350.


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    I paid a little less than that for 8 hours, 2 photographers (she later brought an assistant that made 3), password-protected online gallery, a high-res CD with edited/original photos and copywriter permission, and an album. The price also included and engagement session (the photos are still online btw and they were taken October last year).

    I booked this photographer a year ago and it seems on her website that her prices have gone up a little bit and I'm not sure what's included in the packages. She may still be worth checking out though. I know she now attends bridal shows and you may have already seen her? Her website is here <http://kayleenkelsey.com> Good luck!
  • I believe it depends on the quality of the pictures and the amount of time and effort they invest in editing.
    My photographer costs $1500 BUT (!!!) I'm in love with the work they do!
    It's quality vs money.... from what I see $1500 is cheap for their work, and I would not be able to afford any more than that.
    $1350 is a lot of money for everything, but you have to compare their work to others to see if you are paying too much. And don't forget: You get what you pay for and this ONE day will never happen again
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  • I think that is a decent deal. I am paying $2050 with all of that 
    6 hours, online gallery, unlimited photos, and edited images and copyrights.
    But, I am ALSO getting another photographer (so 2 the day of) and had a 1 hour engagement session, and a real-time slideshow is up of all the photos being taken that day. 
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  • It completely depends on the quality of the photos. You could be hiring an artist, an experienced photographer, or a person with an expensive camera. You really can't judge a package only on price. The package you have outlined could easliy range from $800 to $3000 depending on the photographer! 

    The only justification comes from how much you love the style and quality of your friend's photography. 

    For us, photography is our number 1 priority, so 25% of our budget is going towards a truely talented and gifted artist.
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