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Indoor photo locations?

I am trying to come up with alternate arrangements in case it rains for the wedding, and I can't figure out a good place to go indoors for pics. We can't really use the reception site, as they will be setting up there and such, and want to stay around the downtown KC area. I considered Union Station, but it looks like they charge $75 for professional photographers to come in, and I don't really want to spend that if it ends up not raining and we can be outside. Thoughts?

Re: Indoor photo locations?

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    Hotel lobbies might work?  Also, if it's not raining too bad, grab some cute umbrellas!
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    What about inside of the Westin at Crown Center?  There's that lovely area with the cascading falls.  Power & Light under the canopy? I've seen some neat engagement photos there.  Also, I haven't been there but I've heard of brides visiting the Overland Park Arboretum and I assume there is an indoor section - but it may be too far away.  Or do you have a favorite restaurant or somewhere that is special to you and your hubby's story?  It could be fun to do a twist on traditional photos by going to a restaurant and sharing your favorite dessert.
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