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Married! Vendor Reviews within!

Hi, ladies!  I was married on October 16, 2010, and had the time of my life!  There's a pro teaser in my signature, but you can find some alternate PIPs in my post on the October 2010 post I made.  I just thought I'd write up some quick vendor reviews!

Church:  First Congregational Church, Manchester, NH
Grade:  A
Review:  Joe and I are not members of this church, but it was important to our families that we be married within a church.  We found this church and it is gorgeous.  Our Reverend, Barbara Brawley, was a lovely woman.  She made a mistake (went through the "I Do" part twice... odd), but it was easily looked past.  The gentleman working the security/sound system was great.  He signaled when everyone should walk down the aisle and was completely understanding when my FIL was running 30 minutes late... yikes.

The church's fee is a bit high, but worth it.

Florist:  Lyndsey Loring Designs
Grade:  A-
Review:  Lyndsey did a great job designing the centerpieces, bouquets etc.  She delivered them promptly and I thought they looked great!  I was a bit disappointed, however, when my bouquet was falling apart before I left my mother's house.  One of my cabbage roses broke off of the stem during our ceremony and made a sound which made my church full of guests laugh.  Also, the flower girl's pomander was pink when I requested purple.

DJ:  Nolan Pelletier, Main Event DJs
Grade:  A+
Review:  Nolan did everything that we requested and made sure that the part was kept going all night long.  We made special requests for songs that were little known (Like an Italian song called "Eh Cumpari") and he made it happen!  I couldn't be happier with Nolan.

Photographer:  JohnLo Photography
Grade:  A++
Review:  I just love John!  I booked him last July and have been friends with him on FB ever since.  John is a very "go with the flow" guy and was able to work with us even though we didn't have a set list of photos we wanted taken.  He makes himself blend into the background and you wouldn't even know he was there if you weren't seeking him out.  He told me my photos will be ready at the end of next week--quick turnaround!  I can't recommend him enough.

Caricature Artist:  Ash Jackson and Andrew Richardson
Grade:  A
Review:  They did a great job at keeping up with the constant crowds at their table.  My guests LOVED this and the caricatures were just adorable!  They also provided a large caricature of Joe and I which we put in a frame and had people sign as they were having their caricatures done.

The only complaint I have is that I booked them for 3 hours, but wanted them to stay a mere 30 minutes longer.  They indicated they could not, even when they would be paid.  They also had a tip jar out.  Had I known they wanted tips, I would have tipped them myself ahead of time rather than have my guests be asked for tips--but they own the business so I didn't think they typically get tips?  Oh, well.

Reception Venue:  The Derryfield, Manchester, NH
Grade:  A-
Review:  The Derryfield did, overall, a VERY good job at accomodating my requests and making sure everything went off without a hitch.  The room was decorated beautifully and taken down quickly enough at the end of the night that we were able to take everything home with us.  Caroline and Kelly are dolls and easy to work with.

The only complaints I had is that the chicken dish we chose was prepared differently than it was at our tasting and it was much better at our tasting.  Also, the servers took a long while to get the dishes out to the whole room.  The tables in the back were just getting their dishes as Joe and I were completing ours.

Cake:  Cakes 5th Avenue
Grade:  A+
Review:  Kristen was just great to work with!  I went with a littler-known baker and I'm glad I did.  I had a BEAUTIFUL cake that was delicious and cost me less than other bakers had quoted me.  The cake (with layers of chocolate and raspberry cake with a vanilla buttercream filling) was beyond what I had hoped it would be.

Salon/Day-Of Beauty:  Arcadya Salon and Day Spa, Manchester, NH
Grade:  A
Review:  I love this salon.  I've been in the past and it's always an enjoyable experience.  The services are wonderful and they do amazing work.  I can't rave enough about everything I had done there--from my hair to my toes!

The only gripe is the cost, but I knew that going in.  My mother paid and almost had a heart attack when the bill for 10 of us topped $1000. 

Seamstress:  Dressmaking by Dolly
Grade:  B+
Review:  Dolly was a funny lady and made the fittings easy and painless.  She was very affordable and her hours were extremely workable.  However, at one point she took my dress in about 2-inches too much, making me have to come in for more fittings than necessary.  She also said one price verbally, but wrote another down.  She didn't keep good record of what she charges, so she asked me what I owed and I said what she verbally told me.  The day to pay came and she tried correcting me, but was visibly annoyed when she agreed to take the lower cost.

I'd use her again... but with a very open mind.

Limo:  First Choice Limo
Grade:  A
Review:  This service was pricier than I would have liked--$850 for 3 hours for a Stretch Navigator; but, I think it was worth the cost.  The limo driver was great!  He helped me out of/into the limo and even fluffed out my train before I walked down the aisle!  I didn't know they did that!  I was impressed with their service.

That's all I can think of right now.  I hope this helps you planning brides out!
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Re: Married! Vendor Reviews within!

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    Your teaser is beautiful!  I'm glad you had an amazing day.  I'm also thinking about using Lyndsey Loring Designs.  Your review helped.  And I'll be looking into the baker as well.  My cake budget isn't too high.  We hate cake anyways.

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    Your picture is gorgeous and can't wait to see more, (will sneak over to the Oct 2010 board to check them out).  Thanks for your reviews too!


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    Congrats and thanks for the reviews. I've been trying to hear what others thought about JohnLo and it's good see a recent bride with a good review! I have a meeting with him next week and I'm so excited!
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    [QUOTE]Congrats and thanks for the reviews. I've been trying to hear what others thought about JohnLo and it's good see a recent bride with a good review! I have a meeting with him next week and I'm so excited!
    Posted by mrsk1112[/QUOTE]

    You're going to LOVE him! :)  Check out for almost 40 five-star reviews!  His photography is great, and he's such a nice guy.
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