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Central New York

Arrowhead Lodge

I am wondering if anyone here has been married or went to a wedding at Arrowhead Lodge. I am very interested in having my wedding there, but I am concerned about size. Our guest list is a 140, which is the capacity of the building. Of course not everyone we invite will attend, but we think we will have around 120 guests. I am concerned with having 110 or more guest, we will have a very small dance floor or no dance at all. Anyone have any insight about this?

Also, I was wondering how people handled setting up and cleaning up without too much stress on yourself.

I would appreciate any information you might have. Thanks!

Re: Arrowhead Lodge

  • kariannecarrkariannecarr member
    edited December 2011
    I was a bridesmaid in a wedding there last december. It was very very cramped. I'm not too sure how many people were actually there, but it was under the 140. Also, it was an extremely low budget wedding.

    It was an awful experience and the bride and I don't talk much anymore because of it.  But the day of the wedding the bride took us to get our hair done, costing us each 50+ without a heads up, she then brought us to arrowhead, with our hair done to set up the space, the morning of the wedding with her parents, then we got dressed in the tiny bathroom. All of which was fine, but then we went right into the wedding, with no rehersal, and then the reception with no break. I left my house at 8 in the morning, and didn't get to eat until around 6:30 pm.

    As far as clean up, her mother did the catering, so they were setting up and tearing down throughout the event, which is very distracting.

    My advice if you're in love with the space, keep your list under 100 people, hire a professional caterer, (tiffany's is pretty good and fairly priced) make sure all of the timing of events is planned out, and decorate ahead of time if you can. I was going to have my wedding at pratts falls(but not anymore, I'm looking for a new location, pratts falls may be closing) and they said to call the week of the event, and if they don't have anything planned the day before that we could come in early to decorate for the event, which makes everything much less stressful. I'd call and see if Arrowhead would let you do the same.

    On another note, to take care of your bridesmaids! They're there for you! I did the invitations for the cost of paper for my bride (I'm a graphic designer) and she made me reprint twice without covering the cost of it, or considering how much of my time was being taken up. I spent over 200 dollars on a dress I will NEVER wear again, 60 on hair, 40 on alterations, 50 on a bachelorette gift, 50 on bridal shower and 100 on wedding gift.

    I spent nearly 800 dollars on a bride who made her guests drink out of red plastic cups, had a cake from walmart, and didn't give me so much as a thank you. I was expecting a modest bridesmaid gift and a thank you card, I didn't get either. Not even a cheap picture frame or anything.

    Sorry to rant! Other than all of that I hope I was helpful :)
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