Let's talk honeymoons!

Where is everyone going for their honeymoon?

We are going on two because FI has limited vacation time this year. So in September, right after our wedding, we are going to Quebec City for three nights as sort of a "minimoon." I found an awesome package online that includes a jacuzzi suite in an old hotel overlooking the St. Lawrence and the Chateau, bottle of wine and chocolates in our room, 2 5-course dinners at our choice of restaurant (we choose between four), and a carriage ride. :D

Then in the spring of 2012, we are going to go on our actual honeymoon to France for a week or so. 

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Re: Let's talk honeymoons!

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    We are leaving 4 days after the wedding (so we have time to say goodbye to FI family, and get the apartment in some kind of order, lol) and are heading to Ft. Lauderdale, FL for 5 nights.  I have been to FL about 3 times, but FI has never been.  Looking forward to relaxing on the beach after wedding craziness!!
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    We haven't quite decided on our honeymoon yet.  We've tossed around a few ideas but we're just not ready to make a decision.  We've talked about Orlando (FI has never been to Disney), Vegas, and spending the week in the Baltimore/DC area (we both love that area and the Sox are at the Orioles the M-W after our wedding - Camden Yards is super nice and wicked cheap)!
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    We went to DIsney World. H has been there several times (his family is literally DIsney obsessed) and I've only been once before. Neither of us enjoy beaches or sitting around drinking fruity drinks. It was amazing...and if you have the "Just Married" pins on, people do so much for you! I would definitely recommend it if you aren't a lounging type person. Disney as an adult with no kids along is the best thing I've ever done!
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    Our minimoon will be a few nights at at bed and breakfast in Camden, ME right after the wedding and then a Caribbean cruise in February!  
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    we will be having a mini moon with our kids prior to the wedding(two days) then two days after. then thenext day we go home we will be fighting off to cable beach,bahamas! we will be staying at sandals royal bahamain resort!! cant wait!!!
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    We did a minimoon in Newport, RI for a few days, since I didn't have vacation time yet at work, and since DH is a teacher, and our wedding was in October.  It was perfect for us - a quiet getaway to relax.  I honestly don't know how people plan, pay for and pack for a big honeymoon immediately following their weddings, I was exhausted and broke!
    About 6 months later, during DH's school vacation week, we took a full week on Cozumel at the Palace Resorts.  Totally worth the wait, and an unbelievable vacation.  DH made me promise that we'll go back again someday, and we will - somehow.  Laughing 
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    we are spending a week in a camp cabin on Range Pond in Poland. It is only about 45 min away it is pure heaven. We figure that all we will want to do is relax after the wedding plus we can swim, sunbathe, fish, canoe, ect. There is running water and indoor pluming as well as electricity so its not like we are staying in a tent. The best part its FREE (the camp is in the family) and we get to save money for a house --which is what we really want
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    Since I will still be in school we are doing a minimoon after the wedding, not sure where we are going yet though.  Then sometime the following year we plan on going on our actual honeymoon to either europe or Hawaii.
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    We will be staying in the house we rented for a full week and are considering this to be our mini-moon.  Because of vacation time we will be looking to take our honeymoon the following January, probably to Aruba.
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    after our july wedding we spent the day island hopping on our boat. we spent the day seaglass hunting and then it was back to work! we went on our "official honeymoon" to cancun for a week - just got back three weeks ago!

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