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Outsider needs help!!!

Hi Sakana! hope you don't mind me invading you're bored!

I am going to Denver next week to get my BM her dress.  Has anyone heard of D'anelli Brides in Lakewood? Any reviews?

Also, I wanted to take her to a nice lunch, any restaurant recommendations in this area?


Re: Outsider needs help!!!

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    here's the link to the google reviews-i'm not sure anyone here has been there!

    this is near the "belmar" shopping center. plenty of places to go eat, also Casa Bonita is near by (lol)


    ps. you're welcome here any time! :-D
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    I got both my wedding dress and a bridesmaids dress from D'Anelli and they were fantastic both times.  My consultant was Jenna Rae and I highly recommend her.  She was really good and grabbing different dresses and just helping me overall.  I did not use them for my alterations so I am not sure how they are at that.   If you have any more questions just let me kow.
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    I bought both my dress and BM dresses from there.  I had a great experience.  Make sure you get an apt...don't just walk in.  I was able to look around and pick the dresses I liked to try on. 

    They had an easy system for my BM's since all of them lived out of state.  They made it easy for all of them.

    I also got my alterations done there.  I had no issues at all.  Just plan on them being done in plenty of time and you won't have any issues. 
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  • COkristiCOkristi member
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    They have a wonderful selection of dresses at D'Anelli, and the consultants are very nice. I bought my bridal gown there and the alterations were a nightmare. As in, my neckline was very uneven and screwed up on my wedding day. For bridesmaids dresses they are probably fine, but I would advise against using Leann for alterations.
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    I ordered my wedding dress from them.  Jenna helped me as well and I loved her.  It isn't in yet so can't give you more info.  Jenna told me when I was in that she might be moving to the bm dress side.  Ask for her if you can.
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    Thanks ladies! that makes me feel better... and I did make an appointment ahead of time.
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