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Reception Ideas.....Challah

Thinking about having our two dad's lead the Motzi.  Need some input on what makes sense re timing: 
Some background:  We are having a "heavy hor dourve" cocktail, dancing, etc reception on a Thursday evening.  I am incorporating some Jewish traditions into our ceremony/reception, one of which I would like to be the Motzi.  However, the Motzi i is usually done at the start of the reception before we begin to eat/drink.  So, should we have our dad's do the blessing, even though we won't necessarily have entered yet?   I don't want to hold things up with the guests having to wait for us to enter before they can begin to eat, drink and mingle, but the motzi should come first... OR should we let people begin and just as soon as we enter, we will stop and have the Motzi???   I think FI and I should be there with our dads....    I hope my question isn't too confusing..  

Also, trying to think of something for our moms to do...but it probably doesn't make sense to do the blessing over the candles on a Thursday evening....What other prayer might be appropriate?


Re: Reception Ideas.....Challah

  • I have no idea if this would be ok to do or not, but, what about making the motzi at the end of your ceremony?
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  • If you are that concerned about doing the motzi before any eating begins, then do it at the end of your ceremony.

    The only idea I have for the Moms is to have them lead the Shechayanu (sp?)... you know the prayer said on the first night of a holiday or on special occasions thanking G-d "for enabling us to reach this day."
  • We more wanted the motzi for the tradition, so we just had our grandfathers say it once everyone went into the reception room and we were introduced--I think it was actually after our first dance and the horah--but people had eaten at cocktail hour already.  If you will have lighter fare before you are introduced, and then heavier apps once you are there, I think you could do the same thing if you didn't care that food would already be out.  If you want to say it before any food is served, I would say it at the end of the ceremony.  I think it would be weird for them to do it before you got to the reception.  

    Could you have your moms say a bracha over wine or handwashing?
  • Great ideas!  Thank you!
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