Bridal party/Bridal Processional (Ceremony)

I want non-traditional wedding music for my wedding. I'm having my cousin sing "Beloved One" by Ben Harper for the Unity Sand... We need music to fit that kind of "vibe." My mother is flipping out because I don't want Canon in D or Jesu, but it isnt our style. We want an instrumental version of DMB "Crash (Into Me)" or "Everyday." What are thoughts or other Music suggestions?? Thanks in advance :D

Re: Bridal party/Bridal Processional (Ceremony)

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    I'm having someone sing the first 60 seconds of "Heavenly Day" by Patti Griffin for my Processional
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    i love your dmb idea!
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    We are filling our wedding with DMB! Its my FI favorite band and one of my favs as well...we've seen him twice in less than a year lol. You and Me is "our" song.

    I am hoping to walk down the aisle to the song "Here I Am" by Bryan Adams...not sure if that fits with your music, but I love love LOVE it.

    (...our entrance to the reception is going to be to "So Right" by DMB Cool)
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    Thanks a lot ya'll! Big help... And Rachelea, You and Me is going to be our first dance song! It is just beautiful! I hope all of your weddings are perfect for ya!
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    Two Step would be a great intro into the reception!  (celebrate we will.....)
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