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I am getting married at Club Continental on April 27th and contracted with a MUA back in September.  She is supposed to do makeup on site that day.  I say supposed to b/c I have been trying to reach her for the past 2 weeks with no response.  I am getting seriously worried since there has also been no activity on her FB page since early December.  She's definitely a respected veteran in the industry, so I find it odd that I can't reach her.  During past communication, she always responded really quick.

Can anyone recommend a MUA that does makeup on site?  First bridal freakout moment building right now.  Not to mention I paid a hefty deposit.  Ugh.

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  • Oh my, that is stressful.  Have you tried reaching her by telephone and email? Maybe she just doesn't access her facebook account very often. Does she have a salon you can go to?

    I'd be so worried if any of my vendors didn't respond within 48 hours. I think that's more then ample time to return a call or email.

    I am using www.stephaniejmazzeo.com for my makeup. I'm getting the airbrush done. I researched and researched until I decided on a makeup artist. Most of the ones I contacted took days to get back to me.
  • Who was your artist?  Just to have a heads up for future brides
  • https://www.facebook.com/1ruthlessbeauty?ref=ts

    Try Jill at Rithless Beauty. She is great and her prices are not bad.  Her phone number is on her info part of her facebook. She always has called me back within 30 minutes or so.  I know she is not often on e-mail or facebook but she does call back really fast. 
    Good luck!
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  • I'm a Club Continental bride too! And I'm also using Faythe. She is currently using her profile named "The makeup artist Faythe" on facebook, she is very active on it. She's always responded to me in a timely manner regarding my trials and questions. Lately she has been extremely busy as she just bought her own studio so that may be why she hasn't responded is a while. Try a followup email just a a friendly reminder. Good luck!
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  • Paid a deposit for a makeup artist? WHOAH !! Um.. I don't think I have ever heard of that before. Who are you using?
  • So I did finally hear back from her.  No explanation about the no response situation though.  I won't mention her name in the hopes that this was a glitch and completely outside of her normal communication.  In fairness, she was super quick on all questions when we first started talking.  She has been named one of Jacksonville's top 5 MUA's, and that's all I'll say.  I do know quite a few people that have worked with her, so I'm excited and confident that everything is fine and my wedding makeup will be perfect.  Deposit?  Oh yes, to the tune of about $300, which is for myself, my MOH and my FI's 2 daughters.  I've also hired her for a touch-up after the ceremony, so that was additional also.  Fingers crossed...  getting so close now!  :-)

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