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Giving it up!

Had a "french fry funeral" last night. I LOVE french friess but they are terrible for you so I'm giving them up. No more fries until after the wedding! Hopefully by then I'll be over the "addiciton" and won't even want them anymore. I've given things up before-like chocolate- the first few weeks are the hardest. Laughing

Anyone else have a "devil food" that is so hard to stop eating!!
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Re: Giving it up!

  • Everything lol
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  • Wow, good for you! I don't think I would be able to give up fries completely for a whole year! A burger, fries, and a beer... that is a meal I can never turn down. I also love Mexican food, especially rolled tacos. And Starbucks frappucinos... I used to have one (sometimes two) a day! I go through phases though. It is really easy for me to give up a food cold-turkey. I won't crave it for a few weeks, and then suddenly I will HAVE to have it. So I figured the best thing to do is allow myself to have my favorite stuff once a week. I will have 1-2 cheat meals on the weekend and the rest of the time, I strive to eat clean and stick to my meal plan (or my coach will kick my ass!)
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  • Chels- I think that's a great idea. I def think it is important to have cheat meals. If I gave up everything that was bad I would go on a crazy binge one day. My problem with french fries is I say I'm only going to eat them once in a while but I haven't been able to contain myself! Best thing for me to do in these situations is just cut myself off. I gave up fries for 6 months a few years ago so I have faith I can do it. We shall see what happens  :)
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  • FI and I have given up soft drinks a few times. It's getting past the caffiene headaches that's the hard part.
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    [QUOTE]Everything lol
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    I'm totally with you there. haha.
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  • Ice cream is my weakness!  I don't think I could ever give it up, so I try to only have a little bit every once in a while.  Would it help curb your french fry cravings by trying something different/more healthy but similar?  Like baked sweat potato or zuccini fries?  I've not tried sweet potato fries, but my sister says they're really good, and a lot healthier too!
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  • Oooooo baked zucchini fries sound amazing!!! I need to try those. Thanks for the idea!!
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  • Anything I find delicious is hard to give up. :(
    But I've quit soda and fast food and ice cream (mostly). I had a teeny bit of ice cream the other day but that was the first time in, like, four months.
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