Naylor Hall and Catering SNAFU! Help!

Found Naylor Hall in our Budget, they told us we had three options for catering. Three Sisters gave us an awesome quote just within our budget. They were going to drop off the food and utensils for us. No staff. WOOT! I have friends who gladly agreed to take care of the food during reception. Booked both Venue and caterer. Paid deposits on both.

I just got a call from Three Sisters Catering, Naylor Hall says No to this plan. They want TSC to have staff. This adds $1100 to the catering quote. I cannot, absolutely cannot afford this. I am devastated at this sudden issue. GOing to check paperwork tonight if there is any stipulation in my Naylor Hall contract that says anything about it. 

What do I do?

Re: Naylor Hall and Catering SNAFU! Help!

  • I'd recommend talking to Sunny @ Naylor Hall and see if she can help. Explain your situation and your budget doesn't allow for the $1k+ increase..  ask if there is anything she can do or suggest to help?    Good luck!!
  • I talked to her. There was some issue with TSC giving me a quote for service-less drop off catering and Naylor Hall not being able to let that happen because of Insurance purposes. 

    TSC has been kind enough to offer the services for free but now my Fi is very frustrated.
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