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Davids Bridal alerations or elsewhere?

Any experience with David's or anyone else? I'm trying to decide where to go?

Re: Davids Bridal alerations or elsewhere?

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    Elsewhere, absolutely.  They do okay work at a high price.

    I used Pam Thomas (as did many people on this board) and I HIGHLY recommend her!  She knows her stuff, does great work, and has very reasonable prices.  She's really sweet, too.
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    Definitely elsewhere.  Davids Bridal will rip you off.

    Pam Thomas is currently in Australia ... So if you need to make an appointment now, Jane of Jane's Perfect Fit is also great.  She is doing my alterations and came recommended by Pam Thomas (because Pam is out of the country ATM). :D

    I got my dress from DB, and once it was bustled, the hem did not lie right.  A friend had that happen to her and DB charged her $300 to bustle and fix hem when all she wanted was a bustle.  Jane is fixing my hem as part of the bustle fee (which was $45 I think).

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  • dinomommadinomomma member
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    How could I get in touch with Pam?
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    I agree with the other girls.  Avoid David's Bridal.

    I used Beth's River Road Bridal.  She did a great job and her prices are very affordable.  You can contact her at (419) 661-9649
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