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Food while getting ready?

What are you doing for food while the bridal party get ready?  Our ceremony is at 3:30 p.m.  I'm not sure what time I will have people show up yet, but we will be getting ready together.  I am thinking I will do a meat/cheese platter with mini croissants and some sort of fruit tray.  I also want to have champagne and OJ for mimosas, and water of course. 

What is everyone else doing?
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Re: Food while getting ready?

  • Sounds yummy! Yeah- I think we are going to do something similar- maybe like a wrap tray and a fruit tray? Maybe some pasta salad on the side? I've already told my mom no chips and dip- they are my crack and I'll bloat like crazy. And I can't just like, not eat something. I dont have that kind of will power.
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  • We are doing similar.  We decided on sandwiches because they aren't heavy but the protein makes them filling.  They also aren't typically messy so if someone wait to eat until the are dressed they can't do too much damage (skip mustard for sure)
  • Near the hotel there are a couple bagel places so we'll probably do that
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  • My ceremony is at 1, so it will be closer to "breakfast foods" while we are getting ready.  I am doing bagels, a fruit platter, coffee & mimosas
  • i'm thinking bagels, fruit, juice, milk, coffee. our ceremony is 2, but dinner isnt until 7. i'm a little nervous that i'll get hungry throughout the day (like during pictures) so im planning on packing some larabars. hopefully everyone else plans accordingly, we're not allowed to have food in the limo. (but hopefully people can sneak granola bars, etc). ugh i don't know what to do. i need something with protein i think, but since the girls will be getting to my house at 930 it might be sort of strange for that early in the morning. maybe i can serve hummus with the bagels? or have sandwiches arrive later? the photographer is coming at noon and from there its just go-go-go.

    wow that sounds so disjointed.
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  • We are having sandwiches brought up to our room from the hotel restaurant where we are staying. So convenient! I'm glad it's one less thing to stress about.
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  • Omg I never even thought about this!  We're getting ready in a hotel so maybe I can just find a nearby deli to deliver?  It's only myself and my 2 sisters who are getting ready  (my oldest sister has a track record of passing out from heat and hunger)  Hmm...thanks for bringing this up...I need to figure something out.
  • My stylist is going to have mimosa's for us at the salon.  I'll bring some kind of breakfast food.  Then we are having Jimmy John's delivered to the church.  We start hair at 8am and will probably have JJ delivered at 12:45 or so for a 3:30 wedding.  
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    My wedding is at 3:00 and our timeline has us getting ready starting at 9:30. So I will probably have some pastries for the morning and a sandwich tray and pasta salad delivered from Whole Foods catering. Need to figure out a tray for guys suite still. Edited to add: we aren't doing any alcohol in the suites while getting ready. I never thought I'd be that person haha but we have big drinkers on both sides including FI and I and we really don't want people drunk by 3:00. We are getting married in New Orleans for a DW and my attitude is we can all drink or get drunk at any point during the long weekend and should manage to not drink and stay sober for at least 6 hours. If we can't manage that we have bigger problems! :
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  • We're just doing sandwiches and a fruit platter, nothing too fancy.

  • i haven't put much thought into it yet but my ceremony is early..11:30am. probably some light breakfast snacks. my stomach is in a perpetual state of knots regardless of situations so i can only imagine what it will be like on wedding day..haha. but i know if i don't eat i'll be uncomfortably starving so maybe some fruit and carbs to hold me over.

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  • I'm getting the party subs for everyone and then bringing some chamange and orange juice for mimosas as well!
  • My Ceremony is at 4, but we are doing all of the Wedding pictures before the ceremony so that my ADHD 7 yr old son will still be calm enough to catch in the picture :). I am doing Mr Goodcents (like subway but wayyy better) for lunch, and then the guys will start taking the man pictures while we get our dresses on/get the kids dressed.
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  • I'm starting to figure this out now. Our wedding is at 4, but my girls will start makeup and hair at around noon. I will probably have some finger sandwiches, muffins and fruit as well as some champagne and water.
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