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Florists: Petals by Xavi etc. verses regular florists

Hi All!

So I am totally pissed at petals by Xavi!  I was totally honest with them about having a tiny budget of $800.  I had won a "free bridal bouqet" and 15% off at a bridal show.  Turns out "free bridal bouquet" it the tossing nosegay.  Then they told me that they have a $1500 minimum, after I drove 1 hour and 30 minutes each way.

They also told me they could work in any budget, but when I got there, were unable to compromise.  I have no idea what I wanted, or what my budget could afford, but the sales girl just kept asking me what I wanted.  I kept saying I don't know, what can you do? 

Plus, I had to repeate all the info I had already given her about how many and what price and what flowers i like.

Needless to say, I am kinda pissed!

I stoped my my local florist to see what they could do, and the prices were EXPONENTIALLY less, and they sat and sketched me a full desgin and had specific recommendation for what would work with my color pallet and budget.

Has anyone else used/is using a local florist rather than these crazy wedding and event only ones?

Re: Florists: Petals by Xavi etc. verses regular florists

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    Sorry you had such a rough experience. I am usuing a specialty florist not a walk in shop. I love my florist.  She does weddings and events only.

    I looked on other floral websites to check prices and went to a local florist to poke around and my wedding florist had either better prices or equal, however, she does have a minimum. (However, I should mention that style and quality was my most important factor-not necessarily price) 

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, but the reason I went with my florist was:
    1. I loved her designs and style (I already had a friend use her so I knew her work)
    2. She is the only person I have to deal with--not 3 or 4 employees at a flower shop.
    3.  She only takes 1 wedding per day--so I know she will be on time and not rushed during set up.

    That is my experience. 

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