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Who's been to Vogue Sposa Bridal Boutique on Danforth?

I was wondering if there are any brides out there that might have gotten their dress from Vogue Sposa. I found this lace dress that I really like but they won't allow any pictures and they said its from their own in house brand so I have no idea what it is called. I am trying to recall the dress better.

Details is that gown is $1699 and they added a crystal belt around $460. Any one have any ideas?

Re: Who's been to Vogue Sposa Bridal Boutique on Danforth?

  • I haven't been to Vogue Sposa myself, but with the details you've given, it's be hard to even help you with that.  Did they not write down your preferred dress styles for you?
  • My mom got both her rehearsal dinner dress and MOB dress there - they let us take lots of pictures of those dresses - perhaps they have a different policy with wedding gowns.  

    Many bridal stores will not let you take pictures of the gown until you have agreed to purchase it - Becker's did that with me, too.
  • I always get down any style numbers down when I try on dresses - lot of places dont let you take pics. At least that way, I can go online and find it to refersh my memory. Maybe give them a call to see if they can give you a style number and the designer? 
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    THanks everyone. They didn't write down the style number or anything. They just kept telling me its there in house designer.

    You think it is reasonable for me to ask them for more information (like style number) so that I can try and google.

    They don't even have any pictures on their website
  • i think it's reasonable for you to ask for the style number or even the designer (even though they say it's their in-house).  i'd also go as far as asking if it's been featured in any magazines...mention that you're looking for a picture of it.

    i used to work at becker's ages ago and photos were not allowed until you purchased your dress...but we'd do what we could to help find pictures of dresses (even though we didn't give out style numbers either).
  • I got my lace dress from there. They won't give you that information. I tried to find a similar dress elsewhere and it never compared..price and fitting/ style. I will tell you that the service and alterations exceeded my expectations. They are wonderful. Good luck!
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