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City Club

I'm getting married at the City Club downtown in October. I've heard good things from a few people who've gone for business lunch, but no one has been to a wedding. I had to do some serious digging to find any reviews, and one (of the 3 I found) was horrible!

Has anyone had a wedding there or has gone to one? I thought it was a nice place, but now I'm second guessing the decision.

Re: City Club

  • jaylii9jaylii9 member
    edited December 2011
    I looked at the City Club, but decided not to go with that venue because I fell in love with another space.

    There was a bride who got married at the City Club last year. She used to post on the NE Ohio Board, but not sure if she is still around. You can try posting this over on that Board because more people post over on the NE Ohio Board. She had a great experience there.

    Anyways, my opinion is that you shouldn't worry about having your reception at the City Club! I was very impressed with the City Club and thought they would do a good job. When I took a tour of the venue, Micki was telling me all about an event they were hosting for Dennis and his wife the next night. Yeah, Dennis Kucinich!

    Good luck!
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    i'm getting married at the city club in July and so far, i've had a great experience!!! Micki has been wonderful and even helped us get what we want without paying more. She is very understanding. After we had our planning meeting, I had to change a bunch of things and she didn't mind at all. She has been very accommodating throughout this entire process.

    I also think that for the price ,we are getting a great deal. Other places I looked in downtown were much higher (hotels, windows on the river).

    Obviously, I haven't had my wedding yet, but once I do, I'll be sure to post vendor reviews!

    I think maybe you haven't found many reviews because it's not as popular. When I was looking for my venue, I felt like it was this hidden gem among all the expensive country clubs and typical wedding reception halls.

    I hope this eases your worries!
  • edited December 2011
    Thanks! I'm glad other people have had good experiences. I must have just found a bad apple (or crazy bridezilla) review. The city club doesn't really advertise for weddings, so it's not easy to find info (other than their website).

    We're scheduled to have the "big planning meeting" with Micki in July, so we'll see what happens. I agree, she's really helpful and is honest and up-front with you.

    We picked the city club for the same reasons. They have the experience of hosting great parties, but without the "wedding" costs - the money we would have spent for the same stuff at some wedding specialty place would have been outrageous.

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