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Shoe Sulk

I've started looking at shoes, and It's getting me really down.  Shoe shopping is always annoying for me, I'm a 13 so there are very few options.  I want flat sandals, because while I usually love wearing heels even with FI, I don't want to tower over him at the wedding.  Everything big enough is ugly, and it's just starting to depress me.  Here's hoping I find something acceptable soon :/


Re: Shoe Sulk

  • aww im sorry hun im on other end.  i wear a size 5 and most stores start at 6
  • Gabrielle, have you checked shoebuy.com, zappos or overstock? Also try myglassslipper.com...HTH!!
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  • Can you take a pair of fugly shoes and add some DIY glam to them to make them fabulous?
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  • I wanted to check a website before i gave you a suggestion. Zappo's has some in many different colors. You should try them
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  • I'm sorry I don't have any advice, because I have average size feet (if a bit narrow)  The problem I have is that when I try to clearance shop, my size is usually cleared out in all the cute shoes!  But seriously, I have friends with those problems... I have one friend that's a size 12  and another that's a size 5 - both pounce on shoes when they can find cute ones in their size!  I'll see if either of them has a favorite place to shop for shoes in their sizes.
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  • The bright side: We're still 11+ months out. I feel like it may end up being a case of finding what you want when you're not looking. 

    (I have no advice, I'm a size 7.)
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    Life is good today.
  • Thanks for the advice and good vibes guys :)

    I'm glad I have plenty of time to search, so my fingers are crossed! I just had to rant about it
  • You might want to also check Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack.  I know they carry extended sizes.
  • I'm sorry I thought I had it bad (i'm a size 10) and I hate shopping for shoes too. I seriously where my tennis shoes until they have holes in them because I hate trying to find shoes that don't make me look like I am wearing ski's for shoes. I agree with pp about zappo's.
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  • I have my own shoe sadness...I found the perfect pair of red and white saddle shoes on ebay, and the price was awesome...at the last minute, someone came in and outbid me, so I lost out on them, and now finding another pair that isn't expensive and looks good is almost impossible. :(
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  • yay for big feet! my grandma wears a 13, my mom wears a 12 and i wear a 10 so GIRL i feel your pain (well, at least i know of your pain...) zappos.com is your best bet - they have some really cute styles in bigger sizes. also check 6pm.com. they are out there!!
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  • I had never heard of 6pm.com Missquela, they have a great selection!

    Thanks to everyones website suggestions I now have several shoes that are on my maybe list! Thanks a ton :)
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