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    I am not sure if it is just me, but I can not read this on my computer.  The ads on the side are over the entire right side of your post, and some of the words in your post are so big that they over lap other words in your post, it is very strange.  I think maybe it is because you copy and pasted it, can you re-format it so we can read it?  Vendor reviews are great, very helpful!
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    I am also unable to read this post!
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    I had a really hard time with this too - I copied your original into notepad, without formatting, and am pasting it here:

    [QUOTE]We are finally married 2 weeks to the day.

    WE got marry at the Wright house in Mesa AZ at the Provencal side, it is great for small weddings, and ours was 50 people 40 of them out of the state and out of the country.
    I was so happy with the price they quoted us but when it come to details no one called me till I called 3 weeks before and asked to have the coordinator to work with us on the table setting and decoration.

    Again 4 days before I had to call to and tell then that I want to go over the final detail and find out who is my coordinator , then to my surprise the young lady that saw us firmly told us although the wedding is till 10pm we need to tell the DJ to wrap us by 9;30pm, by now I was upset I didn't appreciate they way they took care of the detail and the time line, we had allot to do without running there 3 times in the last week before the wedding to finalize all the details.
    This is when things got better I called Marylyn Wright told her what the inexperience girl told us and she dismissed it saying if our contract with the Wright house and all vendor is till 10pm then we have the venue till 10pm !!

    I still don't have the name of the venue coordinator 3 days before the wedding, 2 days before they called to gave me the name of our coordinator, now we have to do everything by phone and go over all the details, where will the wedding party walk, stand who’s gone do what and when, I am stress but not a bridzila:)

    The wedding coordinator was Lori Painter and OMG she saved my day, she was my angel , she done things that not in her job description but she wanted us to be happy and not miserable when other vendor did a crappie job

    I really hate to do this again all the bad staff still the wedding was beautiful and happy. We talked to our caterer AZ PARADISUS Culinary Solutions since January 2010, plenty of time he was great, very responsive kind even offer to go with us to the venue to help with the decor and colors always returning my calls.

    I did ask in the 6 month that we talked when can we do a testing he pushed to last minute about couple weeks before the wedding, luckily the food was superb the cost was reasonable I guess we safe.

    Couple days before the wedding he announce to us that as a good faith and appreciation he would do a sit down service and not buffet. I was not happy with that offer, I asked many question to the reason he will upgrade for no additional money, I asked some people advise what they thing about last minute changes for no additional cost and everyone thought he REALY LIKS US.

    The wedding night come, people loved the Appetizers and now it's time for a sit down for dinner :{{{{{{{{

    First he left the buffet table empty just salad is buffet style, now I see an empty long table :{ the food did not even taste close to what we tried as the samples.

    I asked how will he serve the entrees how many employees will he have I was told 5, well he had 1 sue chef and 2 server needless to say it took 1 1/2 to serve about 40 people some left before the food arrived.

    I never saw him I guess he knew how bad things are going ,he never left the kitchen, Lori Painter ( Coordinator from the Wright house )run around to get more water, ice tea for the guests and trying to put fires that he created.

    Moral of the stories, get a references from someone you know. There is some more drama before the GOOD staff.
        I am not going to write another novel here, all I will say for someone bragging that can do multicultural wedding is was very poor.  I had to provide the music since she could not find very famous artist and song in another language.

    The night before the wedding she tossed me a cd with the song I asked for 6 months before to see if I liked it since the cd she brought me couple days early was Blanc. The DJ was Cerrick Entertainment. Now the good staff come. I was so happy to meet Rev. Giovanni.

    He so professional so interesting our fist meeting was long, he explain every detail.
    Since he has so may years of experience I called him for advise on how to deal with some vendor issued since it's not something I do everyday (hopefully never again) .

    From the reaction I heard from all our guests at the wedding the ceremony was the best part, it was tasteful interesting funny and emotional.  The price was right and can see what can other Rev. Can do for you for few more $$$ .     Hyatt place Mesa AZ Bass pro dr.  Great accommodation, super good customer relation and front desk employees.     
    Stephanie nault makeup       She was fantastic.
    Was reasonable so pleasant, my makeup test was amazing and so the day of the Thank you Stephanie you did a super job  [/QUOTE]

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." ~ Miss K ~
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    Thanks for reposting it kpwedkk!!

    llavi thanks for your reviews. I am glad your day overall turned out well and I am so happy to hear you enjoyed Stephanie for your make-up! :) I really liked her for my e-photos too
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    If you scroll down you'll see my post,wasfix by another reader .
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