Since it's been slow...Some checks

We finalized our flights to Oahu & Maui & back for our wedding & honeymoon (which is on Maui) 2 Friday's ago :) So that's big. We're currently looking to book our hotels on both. As well as any excursions for the honeymoon.

Other than that, we're wedding band shopping this coming Saturday. So we're moving right along :)

Re: Since it's been slow...Some checks

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    Love it. Any idea what kind of band you want?
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    NICE!  Booking the honeymoon is sometihng we have NOT gotten to you.  So excited for you!
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    Kaesha- I want either a plain band or one that matches my ring engagement rings' band w/ diamonds all the way around. So we'll see how expensive things are :-/

    Tanq&Tonic- Yeah, it's a big check & will be a big relief off our minds. To have something relaxing to look forward to after the wedding craziness & fun!

    I have to say, seeing our ticker get closer to our date makes me nervous. WHY? I don't know...we have almost everything booked (rehearsal dinner is on deck too at the moment), it's just little details & logisitcs.
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    Great! Moving right along and almost there =)
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