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At wit's end and need advice

I got engaged in February and since then have been planning for a country wedding. There are a few problems that I have run into in my quest for the perfect day.

Issue #1: It seems to me like everything in the "Local Vendors" section is for St. Louis and the area immediately surrounding it. That's great, it really is but I'm from Effingham, IL and with the very tight budget that I'm trying to work with, anything from St. Louis just won't work. Does anyone have any suggestions for vendors around me? I would ask my married friends but they all had budgets that were twice what mine is.

Issue #2: I also have been warring with myself over the alcohol situation. I don't want anyone under the age of 21 at the wedding (aside from RB and FG) but I also don't want to feel responsible for anyone who decides to get thoroughly plastered and then do something stupid such as drive. Do I have to provide alcohol or can I go all-out country and make it BYOB?

Issue #3: I've only been to one wedding in my entire life and wasn't privy to all the planning details. Basically what I'm saying with this is: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING! I've read just about every article on this site and many others but I'm still lost. Any pointers?

I ask a lot, I know I do but things have gotten to the point where I have been medicated to calm me down and even that's not working. Maybe all I need is a little support from others planning their special day too. You never know....

Re: At wit's end and need advice

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    Hi!  I am also from Effingham, and I share your frustration about the vendors all being from the St. Louis area.  The best help that I ever got was from the Effingham Bridal Association.  Try their website, www.effinghambridalassociation.com. They have a list of vendors that is really a lot of help.  I know that it is sometimes hard to find people in your price range, but if you search right, and work at it, you can find them.  My best advice is choose what is really important to you, and then decide on what other parts you can cut/skim down to fit your budget. 

    As far as the alcohol goes, I know that there are different etiquitte issues in different areas.  I have actually been to a BYOB reception, but thery did supply some alcohol earlier in the evening.   I think that most people expect it to be there, and some may be upset if it is not.  Another thing you might want to consider is the place where you are holding your reception.  Some venues will not allow alcohol to be brought in, and others require all alcohol to be purchased on their sight.  You might need to look into this. 

    Finally, as far as your list of things to do goes, the knot checklist has really helped me.  I have worked at a florist for 10 years, and many of my friends have gotten married before me, and it seems to go along with what is needed pretty well.  The only suggestion I have is to get your major vendors booked early.  We had to book our caterer over a year in advance, and we were the last one they took for our date.  (They already had 6 other weddings that day!) 

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks, that did help a lot!
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    Jeez!  Our local board isn't dead!  I'm from Carbondale area.  I wish I could be of more help.  :(
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    I share the frustration. I'm not getting married until year but have already started planning. We're having our ceremony in the Mitchell Art Museum in Mt. Vernon. But I still have to locate a reasonaly priced carterer.
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