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So I recently got engaged and we need to start thinking about venues.  We live in Brooklyn so I am looking hudson valley area and around brooklyn/manhattan.  We want to get married in a more rustic, outdoorsy looking place.  We are looking to stay at around $100 a person which seems almost impossible.  Does anyone have any suggestions on places in the brooklyn/manhattan or hudson valley area? We will have about 150-175 people.  HELP! Thanks!!


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  • Are you opposed to a Sunday wedding? What month/season are you looking at? I'm getting married at Marina del Rey in the Bronx. We were looking for May-June when we originially went and the quoted us $105 ($135 per person with tax and tip) on a Sunday in May/June-- it may be cheaper during other months. It's also $100 per person on a Friday (comes to $130 with tax and tip). We also looked at Sirico's in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and they were very reasonable, closer to if not cheaper than Marina del Rey. is their website, but their site doesn't do the venue justice. They have a garden room that makes you feel like you're outside. Giando on the Water in Williamsburg is beautiful and had similar pricing too.. again, depending on the day ofthe week and month of the year and it's right under the bridge. There are some other places we looked at that are cheaper, but not so much of an outdoorsy feel, so I can give you that info too if you want. Good luck!
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  • oh ps-- congrats!!! :)
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  • Thank you so much for the info. I will check those out
  • BEAR MOUNTAIN. You'll love it. 45 mins form the city, rustic and lovely. Had my wedding there and couldn't be more pleased. 

  • since you're on a budget for a large number of people maybe you should consider hiring a wedding planner who normally does budget weddings on a dialy basis. that way they already have established connections and know all the affordable places that still offer good service.we recently hired elite(b)events and she specializes in elegant unique weddings on a budget. so far she is great to work with, has great reviews,very knowledgeable, very professional, and the best part is she specializes in budget weddings! check her out she may be able to help you.

    hope this helps!

    good luck!
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