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Can a 6 prong setting be changed to a 4 prong setting?

Anyone know or has anyone done this? TIA!

Re: Can a 6 prong setting be changed to a 4 prong setting?

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    They might be able to solder a new head on the ring, but I think it depends. But IDK.

    pricescope.com has good ring forums to ask this type of question. But they will likely need more specifics.

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    I would go talk to a reputable jeweler in your town.  It can most likely be done but it depends on the way your head of your ring sits.
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    I would assume this depends on your specific ring.  I agree with PPs and would bring the ring to a local jeweler or the jewelry store it was purchased at to find out for sure.
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    I think so.  It would involve putting a new head on the ring.  Why don't you love the 6 prong?  Mine is 6 prong and I love it.  A jeweler told us that if you're going over 1 ct. that you should have 6 prongs.  Mine is only 3/4, but I love the setting.  I do have a very low plain wedding band though because that's what will sit flat. 
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    They should be able to. I love my 6 prong, though and it's definitely more secure, especially if the stone is on the larger side as mentioned by posters above. My FH used Harry Winston-type claws on my custom setting--secure yet they are minimal and do not catch on stuff
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