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when to get alterations?

I got my dress a few weeks ago and am having alterations done by a separate seamstress that my MOH recommended.  I want to have the train taken off, I think I have to have it hemmed, and I want to have straps added.  Any idea on how long this takes or when I should book this?
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Re: when to get alterations?

  • My dress came in a few weeks ago and I went this past weekend to see it and try it on. They told me that alterations start about 8 weeks out, so my first alterations appointment is February 2. It may depend on how much you are having altered (for me not much, just taking it in a bit). I think that 2 months out is plenty of time. If I were you I would call or meet with the seamstress and ask how long it would take to make sure you have it done on time. 
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  • Christine9866Christine9866 member
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    My dress has been in and they told me I would start fittings in January for April 5 wedding :)
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  • My dress needs to be hemmed and taken in slightly.  The shop recommended I come in around valentines day for an April 7 wedding

    hope that helps!

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  • Does your dress need to be taken in or let out at all?  It sounds like you could go in at any point since what you need done won't be affected by your size or any weight loss/gain.  I had my modesty piece sewn in, my bustle sewn in and back up hooks and eyes sewn on to my straps.  It's a corset back so I like to call it an "adjustable" dress, lol.  

    I already had mine done since my bridal portrait is in December(pushed up early to eliminate an extra trip home to save some leave and $$).  I also just wanted to check it off my list since I didn't have anything major done that would be based on my size.

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  • My seamstress won't even see me until the end of January.  She said that too many brides go in early and then the holidays come and lo and behold, come April, the dress doesn't fit.  Makes sense to me.  I need a LOT of work done on my dress, though.  I'm completely removing the train, shortening both the dress, the overlay, and the organza ties in the back, plus taking in the cups about 4 sizes and she'll probably have to reshape the entire bodice because all the designers assume if you're plus sized, you must have a HUGE chest.  Not the case with me for sure!
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  • The dress shop where I"m getting my alterations done said I should call the beginning of January to make my appointment sometime in January.
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  • Mine also said February due to the holiday weight gain thing. I was warned not to eat too much turkey! I think I also may go on a bit of a heavier diet in January to get rid of any extra flub that I may gain :)
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  • I dropped my dress off back in September.
    The skirt is going to be brought up, bodice shortened, add a lace-up back, change the neckline, maybe add straps, sew in a modesty panel, make a bustle, add some cups, add some appliques from my mom's gown, and possibly do something with the train.
    It's a lengthy list, LOL.
  • Thanks ladies, very helpful! 

    And, chinofiesta93, I love the idea that you are adding appliques from your mom's dress!  What a great idea :) 
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  • Thanks MrsG!

    It was actually my seamstress' idea. She loves working on dresses especially when they have a more sentimental value to them. She is such a mushy/emotional lady and I just adore her!
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