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We are putting together Welcome Bags for our out-of-town guests. So far I have maps of the area, sea glass candy, and not much else. I want to do a Maine theme, but all the cute moose, light house, and lobster shaped candy is super expensive, as are most other Maine-made tourist type gifts.

Anyone find any Maine items that are less then $2/per unit?

Re: Hotel Welcome Bags

  • A bottle of Poland Springs water for each person in the room?  I've only been to one OOT wedding that had welcome bags for guests and while I thought they were a nice gesture, I appreciated the free water when I got back to my room after the reception the most.

    Could you buy some candy molds and make your own candies for the bags?  You can find really inexpensive molds on

    A few pieces of salt water taffy?

    Do you ever get free offers from VistaPrint?  You could upload a picture of something scenic in Maine and make magnets out of them.  I think most offers (I'd be happy to track one down for you if you need one...just ask!) are for 25 free magnets and you just have to pay shipping. 
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  • We did the candy molds. I can see how much my mom paid for them because they are just sitting around at this point if you'd be interested in buying them. We have lobsters, clams, mussels, sand dollars and a few others. We also have a ton of the unmelted chocolate bags left. It was so much cheaper than buying those pre=made candies.

    Also, my mom is making Needham's. Haven's charges an arm and a leg for them, but they are super cheap to make yourself. You could put 2 in a cellophane bag along with a little tag about the history of Needham's and how they are a Maine tradition.

  • Add a can of Moxie to each bag?
  • Thanks so much for all these great ideas!!! Bottled water sounds good. And cheap!

    I was thinking about the candy molds too... I'm still in the process of doing 50 baggies of sea glass candy, but it is pretty quick and fun. So you just melt a bar of chocolate and pour it in the mold? And get some more candy baggies? Did you use little cellophane bags? I guess I could get little boxes too.

    Moxie would be hilarious! I haven't tried it in years.

    Yeah, saltwater taffy! I never eat it so I didn't think of it, but it's really cheap too! And with individually wrapped pieces I can buy a big bag and divvy it up.

    I almost abandoned my idea of Maine themed stuff last night, but when I think of all our families driving across the country for our Maine wedding, it would be awesome to give them a nice treat for coming all this way!

    Thanks ladies!! Smile
  • We used the Wilton melting chocolate you can buy at Michael's They sell tons of colors. You just melt it in the microwave, pour it in the mold and put the stick in, then put them in the freezer for like 30 minutes to let them set. We used little cellophane bags and tied them with ribbons.

  • Make some whoopie pies?  I've found some inexpensive maine nick nacks at Renys...
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  • awesome ideas guys! I haven't gotten that far in my planning yet, but I am also doing welcome bags and will definitly be borrowing some of these great ideas!!! Esp. the Moxie! ;)
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