so excited!

had to share! I found the perfect garter for my wedding... I know its a small detail, BUT I think FI will get a kick out of it, considering the Dolphins are his favorite team! and he is a HUGEEE Football Nut.. ( after all... he was playing semi-pro football, and thats how we met)

Re: so excited!

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    I love details like this! I was thinking about doing a Red Sox one since I'm a huge fan, but ended up doing an Air Force one since H is in the AF. He liked it. :)
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    how fun! did you keep it a surprise??
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    I didn't. I had a hard enough time keeping his present a surprise (boudoir photos).
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    haha, yeah. I'm bad at surprises! I'm afraid i'll end up telling him.
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    If you want to keep it a surprise, hide it and forget about it.  I had to do that with a surprise I had for the wedding day.  Just don't forget about it when the big day comes around.

    I bought baseball rose bouts for the guys for the wedding, and wanted to surprise my H with them.  I was so excited about them, but I managed to stick them somewhere and never told him until my cousin showed up with them the day of the wedding.  They were a huge hit and he loved that it was a surprise.

    I didn't wear a garter because we didn't do the bouquet/garter stuff, so I didn't have to keep that part a secret.
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