Color Scheme + Slightly Color Blind Bride

I am getting married in Lancaster City on November 12, 2010 at a beautiful venue called the Cork Factory Hotel.  The building is completey brick and I want everything to coordinate.  I dont want to go with the traditional fall colors for my wedding like orange and brown like most brides do in this area.  I was thinking of doing eggplant and olive, plum and green, or eggplant deep bule and merlot.  I am slightly color blind and I have a very hard time picturing these color schemes and how it would look with my venue!  Please give me your best opinion even if it doesn't incude one of the schemes I mentioned!  Help!

Re: Color Scheme + Slightly Color Blind Bride

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    Hi! I am getting married in Pittsburgh, usually post on their boards, and JUST posted this same question with the SAME COLORS a minute ago! I came across the title of your post while searching for my own!!! Just want to let you know I am struggling with the same thing! Today I started to consider the dark red, dark pink for accents. Good luck!
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    What about eggplant and slate grey?

    I would be careful with purple and greens unless you are going for either a peacock theme or mardi gras theme.

    I also think merlot is a beautiful color for fall that not enough people use.
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    hi :) i cant be of any help to you because both my DH and i are color blind. i just wanted to let you know that i had the same difficulties. he is color blind with certain colors (reds, browns, greens, orange, etc) and i am color blind with shades (anything light looks white and anything dark looks black). its pretty funny to go shopping with us and our house probably looks great to us and attrocious to others! we relied on the help of our mothers and my bridesmaids to help. while online we can give advice, we cant really see your venue in person. so take your mom or FMIL or a BM along and rely on them. its ok to ask for help! good luck!
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    I feel ya' on this one. I'm getting married in October of this year, and I am in the same boat not wanting to use "traditional" fall colors. I'm thinking of going with an aubergine, deep teal and moss as my girls colors (just three bridesmaids and I'm obsessed with color, haha). So as you can imagine... I love your idea of eggplant and olive. Because they're darker, you get the same warm feeling as traditional fall colors, and it could look really nice against the Cork Factory's brick and exposed wood. The dark blue, eggplant and merlot would look very nice as well. I agree with Steeser... take someone whose opinion you trust over there and get their input! Stop by Home Depot or Lowes on the way to pick up some paint chips in the colors you're thinking about to help you and whoever you bring visualize it even more! Good luck!  
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    Hi! I love the idea of eggplant for a fall wedding! I think that color will look beautiful at the cork factory (we are using the same venue for our ceremony & reception). We are doing a black & white fall wedding and I keep wanting to add an eggplant color into the mix. Of your choices, I like the idea of pairing it with the olive green. I think the key to it working would be to use the second color very sparingly. Eggplant also looks great against natural colored twigs & branches which are often used in fall wedding decor. Happy planning!
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    We're doing Eggplant and looks really pretty together!  We're adding Hot pink into this as an accent.  I think you are on the right track!
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    Purples and greens would look great at that site.  The hotel is beautiful with all the natural exposed brick...your colors would for sure compliment and "pop" in that room.
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