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'Signature Cocktails'

Hello, I'm looking for some ideas on signature cocktails. They do not need to be color coordinated or anything like that but I'm just trying to not have a fully stocked bar. I was thinking of 3 cocktails made of vodka, rum and tequila. And then guests could also have shots of those liquors if they'd like. Just looking for some ideas as to what cocktails. My bartending service will supply mixers and fresh fruit garnish. Unfortunately in Pennsylvania we must supply our own alcohol which is why I'm not doing a fully stocked bar. We will also have one red wine, one white wine and two or three types of beer. I was thinking of a margarita or a tequila sunrise, and a rum and coke and a martini. Any ideas would be great (my mother keeps trying to get me to do screwdrivers and 7&7's... not real big on 7&7's.. and I'd like to have something other than the 'classics' however I figured the rum and coke would be a classic for those that don't want to step outside the box) Thanks in advance!
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Re: 'Signature Cocktails'

  • I think if you're going the signature cocktail route you should do something more unique than a traditional drink. You could have a menu that includes all the typical drinks that can be made from your ingredients, but you should mix it up a bit.

    For instance, what about a watermelon margarita? Really yummy and you'd still have the ingredients for a more traditional marg if people wanted. If tequila is really your thing, maybe it's a margarita bar - a few different flavors of margaritas (with fresh ingredients - so much yummier!) 

    I work in PR, and when we do signature cocktails for an event we try to tie it in to what we're honoring. So, for instance, say we were launching a mango-flavored body cream, we'd try to make the cocktail include mango. What I'm saying is, if it's SIGNATURE, why not try to tie it back in to you and your fiance? What are your favorite flavors? Words that describe you? You could think about it the way many people think about wedding favors (ie, Sweet as Honey, Spread the Love, etc) and come up with something a bit cuter than just specific traditional drinks. 
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    I guess I was misunderstood. I do want unique cocktails, the rum and coke was the only one I was planning to be traditional. By margarita and martini, I meant unique versions of those drinks. A watermelon margarita sounds delicious! I've never had watermelon cocktail before. I'm big on wine tequila and amaretto, never was a fan of martinis but I know that many people are that's why I wanted to offer it as a cocktail. FI only drinks beer and whiskey so he isn't much helpful with choosing cocktails.. He will be picking the beer and we will be offering his favorite whiskey as shots for the men during the bridal dance a local tradition. I do like the idea if the themes, the Sweet as honey would be a cute name for a drink.. What kind if cocktail could use honey? However I do like fruity drinks.. Our wedding's theme is "rustic spring" ceremony on a lake, reception in the rustic lakeside lodge. Two favors well be given, one well be potted herbs because I love to cook and I have a huge herb garden and then s'mores on a stick for the other favor. Wedding colors are "pistachio green" and "burnt orange".
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  • Sorry for typos, sent this from my phone..
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  • Well, a cute martini would be a green tea and honey martini. Or you could drink... is it called mead? There's a "wine" made from honey, but personally I think it's gross. But you could pick anything sweet! You could use sugar cane as stirrers and call it Sweet as Sugar... you could make different simple syrups people choose to mix in their martinis? (Ginger, basil, vanilla, strawberry... very easy and cheap to make....) Maple syrup.... 

    I don't even like tequila, and the watermelon margs I made were AMAZING! It was pured watermelon, blanco tequila, St Germain, FRESH lime juice and salt. I have the link to the recipe somewhere... http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2012/04/fresh-watermelon-margaritas-for-parties-tequila-cocktail-recipe.html

    I love amaretto, St Germain, and a nice peach liqueur for mixing in drinks. They allow for so many different drinks. (I kid you not, I'm currently in the middle of researching recipes for amaretto liqueur because I just bought a bottle and want to find out options beyond amaretto sours - I'll let you know if I find anything worthwhile!) 

    One of my favorite places to find unusual drink recipes is on Bon Appetit's website. They have some great ones up right now because it's summer. 

    And since we're talking about drinks, I saw this recently and have to share, it made me giggle: http://sweets.seriouseats.com/2012/06/drunken-gummy-gummi-bears-infuse-booze.html?ref=pop_serious_eats
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  • Thank you very much for all of your insight.. I don't know if they can puree watermelon or if I'll have to provide then the melon, I'll have to ask. Mix some amaretto with dr. pepper, or Pepsi/coke if you don't have dr. pepper, mmm, one of my favorites! I'm not sure how many people will drink a green tea martini but I'll try to make one and see how I like it, and I guess there's still other drinks for those that don't. If anyone else has some ideas feel free to post!
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