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Binge Confession

So over the weekend I ate like a crazy person. I had multiple bowls of count chocula, went to the cupcake shop, ate dinners out, drank beer, ate popcorn, chips and half a bag of reese mini's! I just could not stop snacking!
Then of course, yesterday, someone brought in donuts. Which I ate. plus the other half bag of reeses (and my other points.)

I hardly ever get like that anymore but I just lost my willpower for a few days. I used to eat out of bordem or lonliness all the time but I haven't had one of these events in a while. I think I just wanted to eat a bunch of junk food and not care.

So of course, I went up on the scale on WI day about 1.5-2lbs.

But its over! Im not going to let it derail my entire week.
I made a goal to REALLY track my points starting today, plan meals and just move forward.

Anyway, I had to get that out. :) Thanks!

Re: Binge Confession

  • And I knew when I picked up that bag of reese's what would happen. I knew I'd eat the bag within 2-3 days. Even though, I told myself I could have one or two and be okay.

    Do you guys ever do that? Pick up trigger foods and try to tell yourself you can handle it? Even though you REALLY know whats around the corner?
  • It's hard when a splurge meal turns into a splurge day and then turns into a splurge weekend, but if you can turn it around, then good.

    Have you been allowing yourself to still have those things you love to eat (and binged on this weekend)?  Have you been finding a way to still work them into your points?

    If not, I'd suggest working on that.  If something isn't "forbidden" I find it's a lot easier to avoid the binges.  If I know that I can have a bit of it and not feel bad, then it's ok, and often easier to get right back on track.

    That being said, one of downfalls is chocolate chips.  The other, wine!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • I love dessert- especially chocolate, and especially baked goods like cake and brownies. If I give up chocolate completely, I find that I crack and crave a giant piece of chocolate cake (and eat it). Instead, I try to have a little chocolate when I crave it, but to have things on hand that don't blow my whole day's calories.

     I like these milk chocolate foil-wrapped balls that Whole Foods sells- each one has 35 calories, and if I let it melt in my mouth rather than chew it, it lasts longer and really gets my chocolate fix out of the way. Even if I eat 2, that's WAY better than a baked good. Or I'll have a few chocolate chips or something.
  • When I buy "trigger foods", I make sure to go ahead and portion it out right when I get home. One of my trigger foods is cereal and if I don't measure out portions when I get it, I know I will sit there and eat handful after handful of cereal when I am bored, sad, lonely, etc.
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  • I love Count Chocula! But I thought they stopped making it... at least in Boston! Boo. In post-related comments, I certainly binge, too. But if you can get back on track, don't worry about it. C'est la vie!
  • I do allow myself treats and things like that so Im not depriving myself. I always save room for points for things I like to have. And I also make lower cal versions of those things too.

    I just think I had one of those Iwanttoeateverythinginthehouse moments.

  • If you buy a bag of Reese's again, before you dig in, portion them out into 1 or 2 point  serving sizes, put them in ziploc baggis, and write in big black sharpie how many points it is. Then when you have a craving, you can allow yourself only a small portion instead of eating the whole bag in one sitting.
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